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Apr 4, 2008 02:07 PM

Best Frozen Burritos

Of course there's nothing like a burrito made with fresh ingredients...but I work shift work and so often bring food to work that's easy to heat up. Once I'm at work I can't leave to go get food. I've always loved frozen burritos. My all time favorites were the Old El Paso burritos. I grew up with these and was obsessed with the bean and cheese, they also had beef and bean filled one, and a chimichanga, if I remember correctly. Then they suddenly stopped making them! I was heartbroken! Since then, I have been strugging to find a frozen burrito that is a good substitute. I recently found one that I liked...actually, it can either be refrigerated or frozen. I found it at a 7-11, of all places! The brand is Casa Buena, and the kind I like is the Beef, Bean, and Green Chile burrito. I also tried one with spicy pork filling, and another called spicy beef and bean, but I like the first one the best. It's pretty spicy and filling, just how I like it! So at least I finally did find one burrito that I like, but I was wondering if anyone had any other recommendations for good frozen burritos that they like!

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  1. I'm giving you a nod, cause I know about working the shifts that make you stoop to frozen burritos for nourishment. Anyway, I like the Monterey (I think that's the name) brand sold at target, they have blue or orange packaging.

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      I used to eat those OEP burritos, too, and loved them. I like the Amy's brand now. I also make my own burritos and freeze them. I just use refried beans with salsa mixed in, spread on a tortilla and sprinkled with cheese. Wrap and freeze individually. They can be pulled out of the freezer and reheated at work just like the commercial ones.

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        Me too! This helped me so much in college and grad school. I wasn't a big fan of frozen burritos. So I spent a couple of hours making a whole bunch (and I mean a lot) and froze them. If I was going through all this work, I was going to make a LOT of burritos. I would make a burrito, wrap them individually with Saran Wrap and then wrap them again with aluminum foil. I also got to add some veggies to them as well. Heated up beautifully and tasted much better than the frozen ones.

        And I also have to say that from all the frozen ones out there, my preference would have to be El Paso. I'm really surprised they stopped making them. They actually didn't give me indigestion like the other ones did.

        1. re: Miss Needle

          I'll have to try making my own, that does sound good! I'll also look for the Monterey brand the next time I'm at Target. Looks like Old El Paso had many fans, really a shame they stopped making them!

    2. Amy's all the way, but Trader Joe's ones are pretty good as well.

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        yeah, i agree. the trader joe's chicken burritos are a terrific snack (the ones that come w/ chicken and beans). mmmmm.

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          Agreed... the Green Chile Chicken (definitely not the Red Chile Beef which is way over seasoned).... passes muster (for a convenience food with relatively benign ingredients list)... with CH's resident esnob mexicano.

        2. Those Casea Buenas are pretty good.

          1. El Monterey makes the best frozen chimichangas. Flavorful and tasty as all heck!

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              I'm also a fan of the Monterey--recently discovered these. Not only are they tasty, they are very affordable. A ten-pack at the local big box store here costs about $2.29. Of course they're small and I need to eat about three of them, but that's still a killer deal. I've had the bean and cheese and the beef and bean and they hit the spot.

              1. re: Johnresa

                Is El Monterey's chimichanga the one w/ chicken and monterey jack cheese, no rice?

              2. I forgot to mention that I like Amy's too...the cheddar cheese kind. But it's not spicy, and spicy really hits the spot for me. I will add Trader Joe's burritos to the list although I don't think I have any Trader Joe's close to me...