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Apr 4, 2008 12:57 PM


Any ideas on which brands are best. There must be a dozen different brands at T&T.Thanks in advance

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  1. Your best bet would be Amoy or Doll. There's a local brand with white and green packaging that has huge portions, but then the 'siu mai' has the texture and taste of a fishball.

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      Due to the Canadian government's restriction on imported food items from the Orient containing meat products, both HK/China based Amoy and Doll's Dim Sum use fish and/or shrimp substitute in all their Dim Sum products. That's why the traditional Pork/shrimp Siu Mai tasted like fishballs. However, I find the diced up shrimp fillings of their shrimp Ha Gow to be too overly chewy. Nothing like the real thing!
      Futhermore, all supposedly shrimp based dim sum made locally in either Scarborough or Markham contains too much pork filler for my liking.
      Since most Chinese restaurants that serve Dim Sum usually 'pre-made' them and put them in the fridge. To enjoy more authentic ones, there were a few times that I actually bought chilled and/or frozen ones from my local restaurants, took them home and steamed them at leisure.

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        What's a good place to buy the frozen ones?

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          Golden Pinnacle Food Ltd
          63 Silver Star Blvd, Unit C-19
          They have authentic Cantonese frozen dim sum. This place is a wholesaler, don't expect fancy packaging. Smaller package comes in a foam tray wrapped with plastic wrap and bigger one in a plastic bag.

    2. The frozen dumplings at Mothers Dumplings on Huron St...are amazing...I've had the chicken as well as veggy...chicken is best....Miranda

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        Seconded. Now I'm craving Mother's, and will probably have to meander over there for lunch :-).

      2. i love mannarich dumplings. i've never tried their dimsum though..