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Apr 4, 2008 12:54 PM

Thurman's Deli Meats

I was informed today at my local source market that Thurman's Red Pepper Ham was no longer available. The deli counter people couldn't tell me if that was a store decision not to carry it, or if Thurman's had discontinued it. I'm surviving on the black pepper ham, for now, but need to know if the Red is gone forever. The Black pepper ham tastes like prosciuttino, the Red tastes like really lean capacola. I love both.

I tried Googling Thurman's but was inundated with postings about Uma. Anybody know how I can find the truth of the situation?

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  1. One problem might be spelling it with an "r"...

    The company is Thumans, not Thurmans. That might get you better hits.

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      And actually, I just checke, and it's "r", 2 "n"s