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Apr 4, 2008 12:48 PM

Rolings Bakery Elkins Park Questions

I have been hungry for really good bagels recently, but have not had one in years since I can't stand the overly sweet, puffy, insipid blobs that pass for bagels around here for the most part. From what I gather, Rolings is really a great choice for a good, dense traditional style bagel, so I would like to make a trip, but I have a few questions.

First, they are still around aren't they?

Second, It will be a good hour's drive one way for me, so I would like to stock up while I am there. Do they have anything other than bagels available? Good breads, etc. are always a plus for me.

Third, I understand that they are Shomer Shabbos, but other than that, I am having trouble finding their business hours. Best times to go?

Someone a while ago said they were hard to find. Any hints as to what to look for? Parking?

I appreciate your help! Thanks in advance.

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  1. Weavers Way food coop in Mt Airy carries Rollings bagels. You have to be a member but I think you can shop there if you pay a little more. They are on Green St and you can call...

    1. They also have good challah, and people have siad they have good pies and cakes - although I have never had them. They are right across from the Elkins Park train station - so regional rail would make it easy to find them! Parking isn't a problem. There is also a place near rittenhouse square that gets their bagels one day a week, I don't recall their name, but some one knew it in a previous bagel post, so if you search you might come across it

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        That's Max's produce on 20th just south of Locust. They get bagels and Challahs on Fridays.

        Thank you.

      2. Many thanks for the info. Would Rolings happen to be open Sundays? If so, I can take the R3/West Trenton inbound to Elkins Park the next time I am visiting a friend in Yardley.
        Getting hungry as I type.

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          They are definitely open on Sundays! Enjoy!

        2. They are good, unlike your typical mass produced bagels. Almost bialy like - they have no preservatives and don' t last long. You can freeze them but won't be as good as right out of the oven. If you are going - get the Challah - better than the that is worth the drive. Other stuff ok - not really a destination bakery other than the breads. They are in the town of Elkins Park - not sure of their hours....good luck

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            Great bagels. Not the easiest place to find, its located in a basement.
            Needless to say, but its closed on Saturdays.

          2. They are open from anytime in the morning, although official help usually arrives around 8am but before that the owners/bakers are in the back going back and forth to serve early customers. They are open till 4pm9 i think M-W, 6pm Th, and 30min-1hr before sundown on Friday. On Sundays they are open till 4pm.
            They are located in a four story house offically on Montgomery Ave, but the bakery is on the bottom floor facing the outbound train station.
            Like everyone says, challah and bagels are great, as well as their other breads, other things depend on your tastes. Humantaschen, small cookies i think are really good. They pride themselves on using quality bakery products including real fruit.