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Apr 4, 2008 12:27 PM

Dinner in Bordentown, NJ - any recommendations?

I'm looking for recommendations for places to have dinner in the Bordentown area.

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  1. Although I've never been, I hear Oliver a Bistro is pretty good. See the Artful Diner's recent review.
    BTW, I would avoid the Farnsworth House as I did not enjoy my meal there about a year back. Good Luck.

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      My vote also goes to Oliver a bistro. I find the Artful Diner's reviews to be all over the map (his writing has been described as "cringe worthy" on another board) so here's another point of view for you to read. This reviewer gives the restaurant a 'Very Good' for both food and service.

    2. there is toscana on farnsworth ave. fine dining contemporary italian, in my experience it is hit or miss, avoid jesters and anything other then the bar menu at farnsworth house. allstarz puts together a pretty good plate a far cry from the typical "sports bar" under the moon also has some wonderful highpoints, all the breakable items make me a little nervous but it is byob.

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        What happened to the Farnsworth House? It was excellent back in the early nineties and then about ten years or so ago my wife, son and I went there for dinner and had a really bad meal. There was virtually no one there and our waitress disappeared for what seemed like a half hour after taking our order. We were about to get up and leave when she finally reappeared with our food, that was of course ice cold and had to be sent back. I wanted to just leave but the wife didn’t want to make a scene, so we ate our microwaved entrees and skipped dessert and coffee. Needless to say I left our Houdini waitress a very generous tip. On the way out I asked the bartender, who looked to be about 18, if I could speak to the Manager. To my astonishment, he said that he was the Manager. I told him about our disappointing meal and he just shrugged, so we just left and haven’t been back since then. Do you know if they changed hands or management back around 95 or so? I seem to recall that when it was good, it was run by a couple of middle aged guys who appeared to be of Turkish or similar descent. Maybe they retired and turned it over to one of their kids or something.

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          Our experience at Farnsworth House has been similar but not so drastic. The food in recent years is not bad, just OK, and somewhat boring. I believe it is still run by the 3 Turkish brothers, who took it over and added the second floor in the mid 1990s. The also own the Collins House in Merchantville.

      2. I haven't dinner in Bordentown in a while, and most of the places I've known have been suggested. I don't know if it's still there but the River Mill Inn is Spanish-Portuguese food. I liked it. It's not as good as Malaga in Trenton, but I thought it was a lot of fun. The service was good as well the two times I've been there, and we got complimentary liqueur after the meal. Lots of sizzling meat, bread, olives, potatoes. I dunno if it's a great restaurant, but it was a really fun experience.

        1. Oliver a Bistro is good, we had a nice meal there a couple of months ago. If your in the mood for something very eclectic, fun and delicious go to UNDER THE MOON also on Farnsworth just up the block from Oliver.

          Under The Moon is very casual, its run by a couple (Luigi and Estella) who change the menu daily based on what they find and what they feel like making.
          Its billed as Argentinian cuisine but is really a blend of cuisines from around the world. On a recent visit my wife had an awesome homemade eggplant parm. while I had chicken tikka masala and a friend had a rare chunk of tuna over mashed potatoes and veggies.
          Now that is varied cuisine but all very good.

          Very casual, the tables and chairs you sit on may be sold at any time as the restaurant is also an antiques store.
          Great fun and it is BYO.


          1. Oliver is a wonderful choice. Great service, excellent and imaginative menu.

            Also, try Marcello's for Italian food. Delicious food and very friendly staff.

            My sister loves Under The Moon ...friendly owners, delicious homemade food and a cool atmosphere.