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Apr 4, 2008 12:06 PM

Pomme de Terre, midwood-ish BKLYN; any reports?

Not since the heady days of... I don't know 97, 98 I guess have i seen a place as packed, Reminded me of Henry's End at its height.

We walked in, early I thought (approx 7PM on a thursday), and the place was PACKED. 30 minute wait, which is ok, in general (Smith St, etc, even 5th Ave but Midwood?) but we were not in the mood, there was no real waiting area either.

I understand, the Times, NYMag, the blogs. but really? 7PM? PACKED!? We waited less at the good fork on Sat. w/no res.

so anyone actually eat there?

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  1. I think it's more Ditmas Park than Midwood-there's an interesting story from the Times, linked at:

    I'm looking forward to trying it.

    1. The neighborhood is definately Ditmas Park and the restaurant is excellent! We had to wait 45 minutes and the place was packed, but it felt cozy and the service was very good. We started with a lovely chicken liver mousse and a fantastic Chablis, then we shared mushroom ravioli and Steak frites - perfectly done. Ending with chocolate mousse (slightly bitter and very dark) and banana pots de creme. Scrumptious - can't wait to go back!

      1. Well, of course there's a long wait - the place just opened and everyone's trying it. Marthaamy, sounds like we had the same meal. I loved the chicken liver pate, good texture & just a bit gamy. Then I had the mushroom ravioli - also great. That plus a nice glass of red. My only 2 gripes: the tables are a bit close together (but it's a compact space after all), and I'd have liked to see more classic French dishes like cassoulet, boeuf bourgignon and the like. But a great place - will return often. And yes, Ditmas Park, or Ditmas Park West if you want to get technical.

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          gosh, when i lived on marlborough road back in the 80s, newkirk was flatbush, pure and simple. "ditmas park" ended way, way north of that.there was a really terrific fried fish joint (maybe right on the same spot as pomme de terre?) that was worth a long walk on a nice day.

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            Well, on some level it's all Flatbush, or "Victorian Flatbush," if you prefer. I think the other labels are made up by real estate agents.

            1. re: david sprague

              If the terrific fried fish joint you were talking about was Grillo's, it was located in Newkirk Plaza (at the train station) which is a few blocks east of Pommes de Terre.

              1. re: bobjbkln

                yes! that was it....when i lived in that general vicinity (1986 or so), old timers said grillo's was on the downturn, but i still loved it...thanks for the reminder!

            2. re: chowhundius

              I am sticking with the Midwood-ish, purely as a subset of Flatbush. As I believe everything between Church and Kings Hiway, east of Ocean Pkway to Utica is "Flatbush" anyway....(before the mods come)

              Marthaamy and chowhundius confirm my worst fears - more ameribistro. We did not even look at the menu closely, we are Farm adherents, Thanks for the reports, very helpful and insightful. We will wait until the buzz dies down.


              1. re: fkerm

                My husband and I went with friends this past Saturday night. It was just so nice to have a choice of good restaurants to go to within walkable distance (we live in "Beverley Square West" one of the subset Flatbush neighborhoods about 4 blocks square each).

                Dinner was a pleasure start to finish. I shared a potato leek tart with my friend and we also shared the special endive salad. Perfect. Another in the party got the mussels that were served in a very basil-y broth that still allowed the flavor of the mussels to come through. My husband got the chicken liver pate/mousse. Although it was not ordinarily one of my favorites I enjoyed it a great deal with the toast served with it.

                Bread was just ok - something with a little more texture would be welcome especially since the restaurant proudly serves their own homemade butter.

                Entrees were all good. The special lamb was indeed special and perfect prepared - rare and tasty; the steak frites and the ribeye were both delicious; and the duck confit was great though I wasn't keen on the texture of the duck sausage served with it. Frites were good but the best of all was the potato gratin. Really creamy and delicious. The best.

                Tea and coffee were all good but desserts were uneven. The mousse au chocolat had a sprinkle of salt as in the French fashion that has taken hold here but the hand was a bit heavy and drowned out the chocolate taste (which wasn't light enough either in my view); the banana pots de creme was a little loose but the top that was torched as in creme brulee was wonderful. The best tho was the pistachio cherry tart. That would be my standby any day.

                Service was attentive but not pushy. The staff seemed to know what going on. Our 7:30 reservation was honored in a fairly timely fashion tho the restaurant was packed. And it stayed packed pretty much the whole evening till we left at 10:15.

                Before I forget we shared a white and red - the white, a white burgundy was very fairly priced, crisp and delicious. The red sancerre was also good but not as interesting somehow. Next time I'll try the cahors. All were available by the glass.

                A great evening was had by all.

                I like The Farm a lot but truth be told I liked the overall sensibility and menu choices available at Pomme de Terre better. Like I said, tho, it's great to have a choice.

                1. re: KingsKetz

                  as far as I know Pommes and the Farm are owned by the same people...

            3. We got a chance to try it last night. I loved it. There's a really nice vibe about the place. We has a nice table by the wall/window. We relaxed with a bottle of the Cotes du Rhone (the waiter said they had a wine delivery problem and were out of many of the reds.) The potato tart was nice and buttery, the cauliflower soup rich, with sweet shrimp. The duck leg confit crunchy and delicious...I really liked the sausage served with it-very earthy. The rib eye was nicely grilled and I even finished the spinach which came with it (I don't like it most of the time.) We finished with the cherry tart (very nice) and a special white-chocolate bread pudding that was really yummy. Nice espresso as well.
              All of that came in at just about $100.00 pre-tip.
              We were there early (5:30) and there were several tables with kids, who all seemed happy. By the time we left, there were a few tables open for 2.
              There's only one bathroom, but you sort of stand next to the kitchen if you are waiting, and can see what's up (or chat if it's not busy.)
              I will most certainly return.

              1. I went there with friends last Saturday night. We have a baby, so we made a reservation for 6. I'm generally a little sheepish about dining with a baby in places like that, but I figure the 6 o'clock sit-down leavens it. They were very gracious and accommodating, and there were actually several babies at that hour (we all cleared out by 7:30, in case you're worried).

                Anyway, the food was great overall. I had a special shrimp salad which was fresh- and crisp-tasting. I sampled other appetizers that my co-diners got, and grilled sardines and tuna tartare were both quite tasty. For a main course, I got the duck confit which was pretty good -- the haricots verts that came with it were unexciting. The people I was with got the grilled branzino (a bass-like fish), the duck club, and the mushroom ravioli. I didn't try them, but there were good reviews all around. For dessert we got a special bread pudding, which was wonderful.

                I live nearby and would definitely go back.

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                  Recently diner here with some friends and were quite impressed by the decor as well as the prompt seating. We had a reservation but there were ample seats available when we arrived by 7pm. We started with mussels, soup, and a salad. The salad was the last to arrive, which was a bit perplexing. The soup was hardy and the salad was decent. I enjoyed the bacon and half cooked egg on top..

                  For entrees, we had the ribeye, steak au Poive, and skate. All were cooked quite well, although each dish had the same side of spinach. I would have liked to see a slight difference in the sides of the entree.

                  THe wine list is decent with nice drinkable reds and whites with a great quality point ratio, QPR.

                  The homemade butter was quite nice as well along with the bread.

                  We will definitely go back.