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Apr 4, 2008 11:51 AM

Dining Alone in Las Vegas

I am frequently in Las Vegas for work and would like to get recommendations for restaurants that have bars where I would feel comfortable dining alone. I don't usually know my schedule to enable me to make reservations, which is why I prefer walk up bars. My current routine is at least one night at Olives and, if time allows, a second night at Nobu. Olives is dimly lit and I've always enjoyed the bar staff - very friendly. And I never feel out of place dining alone at Nobu's bar by the sushi chefs. On my last trip I ventured out and, from the suggestion by the hotel staff, wound up at Nero's at Caesar's. Bar staff was excellent, food was great, but the bar design is horrible. No leg room underneath, which meant I was turned to the side and leaning over to eat.
Can anyone recommend new places to try that are not overly priced, but worth the trip?
And where I don't stick out like a sore thumb...."table for one!!"

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  1. I lived in Vegas for 10 years and, in that time, usually dined once or twice a week by myself at a bar. I'm pretty independent and eat alone quite a bit.

    I can only think of three places off the top of my head that I know of that don't allow dining at the bar. Picasso, Prime, and Primo's at the Suncoast ( which you *REALLY* don't want to go to anyway ). Obviously the high-end haute cuisine places like Guy Savoy, Alex, Robuchon, etc. do not even have a bar to dine at ( although I think GS has changed the policy ). Some of my favorites:

    Craftsteak, Nob Hill, Fiamma, Seablue, Stripsteak, Sensi, Michael Mina, Bouchon, Postrio, DB, Tableau, etc. Then the off the Strip there's places like Rosemary's, Table 34, and Todd's Unique that are fabulous as well and cater to the single diner.

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      Actually Alex does allow dining at the bar. My wife and I were at the bar having an apertif and a fellow came to the bar, ordered Glenlivet than asked if he could do the tasting menu at the bar since he was alone. They gladly accommodated him. If ever alone in Vegas (doubtful since my wife loves Vegas as much as me) I would definitely dine at Alex.

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        Dined alone last night in the bar @ DB Brasserie @ the Wynn. It was fabulous!
        Started w/ the Steak Tartare and for my entree had the Pork Kurobuta, prepared 3 was hearty and amazing! Paired the tartare w/ a dirty martini and a glass of Seghesio Zinfandel w/ my entree.....

        Adam the Bartender is very amiable as were the other solo diners.....

        I have always enjoyed myself @ DB Brasserie....
        The Bar stools are very comfortable...there is also table and couch seating!

        They also offer a prixe fixe dinner before 7pm....they are offering a new seasonal menu for $48

    2. There's another thread floating around titled "Solo in Las Vegas" that has some similar discussion. (I wonder how we do links here...)

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        Great link. Thank you. And thank you to the other posters. I have a great list to work from.

      2. I enjoyed the Bar at N9NE and dined there with friends. The staff was very nice but it can get on the trendy loud side later in the evening you go. I also used to enjoy dining at the bar area at Simon's at the hard rock. I heard his place just opened at the Palm's tower so you might want to check it out.