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sushi doraku in bethesda??

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anyone been to this one or any others? I think it opened this week. I may try it this weekend but wanted to see if anyone had some insight. thanks!

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  1. Today's opening day. No carry-out yet.

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      granted its early in the game, but this place is not very good at all. very generic, trying to be trendy sushi and japanese. they have the quitessential spicy crispy rock shrimp, new style sashimi, miso cod etc. But it tastes like it came out of a cafeteria. Being that they are owned by benihana, i dont know why expected anything less. It wasnt horrible and it wasnt too expensive, but its definitely not worth running to either.

    2. Had a terrific meal at Doroku on July 8. Great cooking and generous portions. We ordered from a variety of categories on the menu (appetizers, salads, sushi) and enjoyed it all. You can select from fusion or from more traditional options-- we did both. The spicy, crispy rock shrimp was delicately breaded and indeed spicy, excellent ceviche, edamame and seaweed salad, and very nice, fresh sushi (we tried mackerel and a special avocado and eel roll). Also had a 500 liter bottle of sake, which was enjoyable-- Doroku has an extensive sake menu.

      Atmosphere in the dining area was pleasant and dining area (at least on a weeknight) was sufficiently separated from the bar to prevent excessive noise. Service was attentive but not cloying. Pricing was pleasingly moderate-- especially in light of the excellent quality of the food and the generosity of the portions.

      Would like to explore the traditional sushi menu more. Japanese, Chinese and Korean chefs are employed. The owner advises that the bulgogi and kalbi are made from family recipes.

      We give Doraku two enthusiastic thumbs up. For that matter, we preferred it to the Chevy Chase Sushi-Ko.