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Apr 4, 2008 11:08 AM

liquor store near hyatt regency

can anyone tell me the closest liquor store to the hyatt regency on wacker?? i'd like a bottle of vodka, and the hotel charges 80 bucks for a bottle of smirnoff! help!!

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  1. If there is a CVS or a White Hen or 7-11 nearby (there should be as they are like Starbucks), you should be able to get some liqour at a better price.

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    1. re: lbs

      wow--thanks! i had no idea they sold liquor in the convenience stores. thanks!

    2. CVS on Randolph and Michigan

      1. thanks so much--we found it!!

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          Glad it worked out for you. For others in your situation there's a Binny's that's not far at all from there over at Grand & Wells (former site of the late, great, Zimmerman's). Even better pricing than convenience stores with greater selection.

        2. Have to admit I've told this before-
          My son's fraternity at U of Iowa had a wild weekend in Chicago at the hotel on Michigan just north of the Chicago river. When they regained consciousness on Sunday, they realized the convenience bar in the room was completely empty, and they owed the hotel about $350.
          My son took the bar list up the street to a Walgreen's and almost completely restocked the bar for about $50 in miniatures. He was a successful Social Chairman of the fraternity for two or three years.