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Apr 4, 2008 10:39 AM

Lunch in or near Allenhurst NJ?

Any recommendations for Saturday lunch near Allenhurst... the small town north of Asbury Park? We will be 2 adults, 3 teens, and 2 small kids. Looking for a moderately-priced, comfortable place. The kids are well-behaved, but not adventurous eaters.

We prefer not to travel far out of Allenhurst because we are short on time.

A friend recommended a place called Lakeside(?) in InterLaken, and a mexican place, Mama's (?) in Allenhurst. Anyone know those places?

P.S. We're going to Allenhurst to visit the fabulous "Vanishing Beauty of Land and Sea" art exhibit at the Frederick Galleries. (disclaimer... my work is in the exhibit.)

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  1. "Lakeside" is almost certainly the Lake House which is in Allenhurst, several blocks south of the Galleries. It's OK, especially for less ambitious things like sandwiches and burgers and salads The Mexican place is called Mama Chuch, I think, and they've been advertising a lot in the local giveaway papers (which always makes me skeptical). I know one person who ate there and said it was OK,

    My wife bought a drawing of Asbury Park at Frederick last month - was it one of yours?

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      Hey Val - I'm not aware of anything Chow-worthy in Allenhurst. I would therefore recommend making the drive into A.P. for lunch. The kids situation however gives me pause. I would therefore recommend one of the following: Old Man Rafferty's, Market in the Middle or Brickwall. Good Luck.

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        Mama Chuch is fair...there's also the Allehnurst Gourmet for sandwiches and the like, Serpicos for pizza and Cravings for dessert.

        And that about sums up Allenhurst!

      2. Definitely the place to go for a fantastic view is Mr. C's in the Allenhurst Beach Club.
        It is right on the ocean. It is a little hard to find, since the only sign is on the building , but just go east and there it is.
        By the way, The Lake House is not in Interlaken nor Allenhurst, it is in Loch Arbour. The food there hasn't been very good, but they have a new chef so it might have improved. If the weather is nice, they have an outdoor patio.
        Also, as suggested, you could easily go into Asbury Park. Allenhurst and Loch Arbour are tiny and Asbury Park isn't that large so to go from The Gallery to Rafferty's for example would be all of 5 to 10 minutes.

        1. I agree with the chowhounds - Mr. Cs if a view is important and it is right there. But, I would take a 10 Min. drive over to Asbury and go with Old Man Rafferty's (new and trendy) or Brick Wall (best bang for the buck.) These are both on Cookman Ave. within a block of each other and sure to be kid friendly.

          1. Val -- As it appears staying in Allenhurst may not be your best option, the suggestions to drive over to Asbury Park make sense. If you want something really casual, but likely particularly good for 3 teens and 2 small kids (as well as the 2 adults), you might want to consider a short drive in the other direction to JR's burgers in West End (just around the block from the Windmill). They make great char-broiled sliders and other good casual eats.

            1. Dear Chowhounds,
              Thanks so much for your quick replies! My relatives are driving down from CT. I don't want to ask them to go to AP because it's further south than Allenhurst. I think they might like the old West End neighborhood. I've been wanting to try JR Burgers. Or we might go to Richard's Deli. They have a kid's menu and good sandwiches for the adults.
              I will report back :-)