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Apr 4, 2008 10:35 AM

Zov's in Irvine

Any feedback on this location, the one on Portola? How does the food compare to Tustin and how is the atmosphere? I know the menu is different. We are looking to go for dinner. Is it too casual for a birthday dinner?


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  1. Both 'new' Zov's locations (Irvine/Newport Coast) are similar to her bakery cafe/bar operation in Tustin -- the one behind the original Bistro. The bakery-cafes are consistently excellent, but with settings and menus that are more casual than the Bistro.

    I happen to like the Irvine site more than the Newport Coast store-- it has a very lovely patio for daylight dining.

    'Too casual for a birthday dinner' can be interpreted many ways-- are you two lovebirds or twenty rowdy Aussies? should yield more details.

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      This is good to know, because I regularly visit the Pavillion's and Golden Spoon at that same location and have often wondered if that Zov's was as good as the one in Tustin. I agree that is a lovely location.

      1. re: FoodieKat

        Just tried Zov's in Irvine last night. The menu is considerably briefer than the Tustin location, which was a bit of a disappointment, but the mezze platter was good (the walnut pate in particular), and the grilled salmon was cooked to perfection. The spicy shrimp and chicken sausage pasta (I omitted the sausage) was good, albeit not quite as spicy as I expected it to be, and the desserts were good. Forgot how expensive Zov's can be though - $150 but that was for four people plus wine. I still prefer the menu at the Tustin location, but like the ambience at the Irvine location. Plus there's less traffic in that part of town, which is nice after a long day of freeway driving.