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Apr 4, 2008 10:34 AM

Amada fans

I'm going there tomorrow night w/ my hubby & I'm really looking foward to it! We were supposed to eat at a Steven Starr restaurant so we could use our gift certifs, but Buddakahn is closed for renovations, I've been to Tangerine a few times before, Striped Bass got mixed reviews, been to Alama before, and Morimoto only had a 5:15. So we're saving the Steven Starr certifs until we can get a better restaurant at a better time.

Anyway, onto Amada! What is the best thing on the menu there? The MUST HAVE that I have to order???

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  1. The ham croquettes were very good.

    1. I can't get enough of the short rib flatbread. My fiance loved the garlic shrimp.

      1. When my wife and I ate the Pernil Asado, we looked at each other and said, "This might be the best pork we've ever tasted." And believe me, we've eaten a lot of pork.

        A few weeks after that, Craig LaBan reviewed Amada and this was his opinion...

        "But I can't wait to round up a group of four to devour one of Garces' special-order suckling pigs, especially if the smaller pernil asado dish was any preview. This pork shank - brined and slow-stewed in molten lard, then served over white beans with rosemary beneath Seville oranges - was one of the best slices of pig I've ever eaten, the meltingly tender meat rimmed by a schmear of fat and a cracker-crisp ribbon of skin."

        Trust me (and Craig)...order the Pernil Asado.

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          The filet (topped with foie gras) is incredible as are the stuffed lamb chops.

        2. pernil, garlic shrimp, octopus are all terrific.

          1. We didn't have a single bad dish, but the most memorable ones were the Lamb meatballs, the octopus, and the garlic shrimp. You have a great, great meal ahead of you.