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Apr 4, 2008 10:30 AM


I finally tried Soupesoup (Duluth) for lunch yesterday. Despite living very close, I never got a chance to eat there (well half the time it was closed) but finally got in. From the outside the cafe doesn't look very inviting, perhaps it has some tinted windows or something else, but you cannot guess how warm, sunny and comfy it is by just passing by. Anyhoo, I tried a tomato mussel soup with saffron, pistachio, orange rind and couscous. It was very good. On the menu there was also a pea soup, and a bunch of creative sandwiches (gruyere and coleslaw for example...).The bread accompanying the soup was also pretty decent and came in a big chunk. My companion said he really liked his goat cheese pepper and asparagus sandwich. I didn't get to try it because I had used up all my bread allowance on the chewy bread that came up with my soup (on a diet, d'oh!) .

The real surpsie was the au lait. You wouldn't assume a soup place to make good coffee, but it was very good. I also got a tiny tiny bite from my companions brownie (damn diet) and from that tiny bite I can tell that it was chewy, moist and very very chocolatey. I wanted to kill myself for not trying the place earlier, but better late than sorry.

Since I know that they have wi-fi, now I am even thinking that the sunny dining room will make a great writing space for those days I want some controlled social contract while working. Yay!

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  1. I like Soupesoup very much, they always have such nice soups. And as you say, it is a lovely space.

    It does seem like you are being much better about your diet than I am... I've been trying to cut down on the carbs and calories, but then life gets in the way and suddenly you are looking at an empty zeppole box... But at least biking season is on the way, summer is so much more forgiving when it comes to food. Wait a second, what is that fluffy white stuff in the air?

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      Eep, when I think of all the ice cream I plan on eating this summer, I realize summer is not that forgiving after all.

      I am already craving meu meu's caramel & sel de mer noir :)

    2. I love Soupesoup, too. I went to the St. Viateur one a while back with my boyfriend and we enjoyed everything thoroughly. It was a midweek afternoon and it was really chilly, so soup was in order. He had an aged cheddar grilled cheese with a really sharp purple coleslaw in it and I had a mango, basil and goat cheese sandwich. We shared a nice big bowl of carrot ginger soup and we could not have been more deliciously content. Or, so we thought. They had a pouding chomeur for dessert and we just couldn't resist. It was insanely delicious. It was just one of those lovely meals that left you the right amount of full, wasn't exceedingly expensive and really hit the spot.