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Apr 4, 2008 10:07 AM

[MSP] Yogurts in the Twin Cities

I've been eating and cooking with 2% and nonfat yogurt a lot lately. I thought I'd share my favs. None of this is earth-shattering as I'm sure it's all familiar to all of you, although, a couple of these (Cultural Revolutions and siggi's) are yogurts I've discovered in only, say, the past 6 months, TDQ-come-lately that I am. Usually, what I buy depends on where I happen to be shopping and what's available there.

Cultural revolutions--lumpy yogurt with a bit of character. From a farm in Iowa. I've seen it at Mississippi Market and Farm in the Market (Midtown Global Market) My favorite when I can find it. I like that it's local. Ish. It's the one that most approximates home-made. Comes in a variety of flavors and fat contents. I usually get some kind of reduced fat and plain so I can add whatever I want (berries, honey, etc.), or use it for cooking.

Fage "Greek Style" strained yogurt--available at Lund's and Whole Foods and the produce vendor at Midtown Global Market. My former favorite "National" (International?) brand. Not local, not quirky, but smooth and delicious.

Brown Cow "cream top" yogurt--not local, not low-fat, but I do love that cream on top. I like plain and eat it like ice cream. I haven't tried the full-fat Cultural Revolutions since I discovered Cultural Revolutions right before I started on my weight loss program. I"ll bet its at least as good as Brown Cow, but that's only a guess.

siggi's Icelandic style skyr. Strained non-fat yogurt. From New York apparently. Some says it's cheese, others say it's yogurt. I have no idea, except that siggi's calls itself yogurt. 0% milkfat, dense, firm and smooth, sweetened with agave nectar, which means, it's not excessively sweet. Comes with a removable paper wrapper that can be recycled. I discovered siggi's recently at Mississippi Market (the one on Randolph at Fairview--which, by the way, has officially announced recently that it has indeed found a new location. Off of West 7th somewhere in St. Paul. Move anticipated spring of 2009) when I was searching for Cultural Revolutions. I hope it hasn't pushed Cultural Revolutions aside, as that would make me cry, but it's my new National brand favorite, better than Fage. Doesn't seem to come in plain or anything great than 0% fat, but, I hope it does.

Got any favorites? Especially local ones?


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  1. I love Seven Stars- not local, but it's biodynamic which is even cooler than organic. It has
    the cream on top too. No gums or other thickeners so it's more lumpy but that's how
    natural yogurt is. I love the maple and vanilla flavors as well as plain- only problem is I
    can eat a whole quart in a very short time and it only comes in quarts. I've tried Cultural
    Revolutions and enjoy it too.
    I get both of these at the Wedge and/or Fresh and Natural- I think probably all the coops
    carry both brands now.

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    1. re: faith

      Oooh sounds delicious. I suppose they don't have lower fat content versions and, even if they did, it would be pointless?


    2. fage 2% - at least 7 oz a day. love it. (whole foods & kowalskis - st paul)

      Will make my own fage soon. Have a quick recipe from a pal - no yogurt maker needed.

      Just fridge space!

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      1. re: St Paul Susie

        Homemade Greek yogurt--yum. If you don't mind, I would love it if you would post your recipe on the home cooking board!


        1. re: The Dairy Queen

          I haven't tried it yet - but I figure one of these rainy days it will be a good project for the kids!

        2. re: St Paul Susie

          if you don't have the fridge space or motivation to make your own, and the (lets face it, exorbitant) cost of fage or other brands are getting you down, trader joes sells some pretty good greek yogurt under their own brand (at least out here in southern california). im sure the local and/or biodynamic stuff is really good, but i gotta put the 4 dollar a gallon gas in my car sometimes and 6 bucks or more for a pint of yogurt just isnt happening. oh, and tdq, it comes in 0, 2 and full fat.

        3. TDQ: I think I just saw Cultural Revolutions today at the Minneapolis Whole Foods.

          I also have a soft spot for Wallaby Organic mango lime and orange passionfruit yogurts. Wallaby yogurt is very smooth and fairly sweet. It's a great dessert.