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Apr 4, 2008 09:30 AM

Charlotte - Ballantyne - Good Lunch Places

My company orders lunch in every day. We are running out of quality places to eat from. What are your favorite places to eat around Ballantyne? Bonus point if they deliver. Two bonus points if you can recommend a good pizza joint.


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  1. I posted the same thing recently and I don't think I got any responses. I'm in Ballantyne too and my company orders out a lot (at least 2 x a week - hey, do we work together???). We really like Rising Roll and Salsarita's. It's pretty much chain city down here but those two are pretty good and everyone likes them. I pretty much bring my lunch every day that we don't order out because there's nothing worthwhile down here. I go to Villa Antonio's oaccasionally but it's a bit too pricey to go too often. As far as pizza, it's a bit far and I doubt they'd deliver to you but the best pizza near you is at Carmella's on 51 and Carmel. Worth the trip. I hate it down here. My commute is a breeze but I miss the diversity of uptown.

    1. Try Cardillo's Kitchen - located in the Camfield Corners Shopping Center
      at 8624 Camfield Street (off Elm Lane) in Southeast Charlotte.
      three great ladies from New Jersey serving some great home made food.

      1. Anzi Pasta & Pizza at Stonecrest is pretty good. Only had pizza there once and I am not a big pizza eater,but it tasted real good to me.

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          Gotta say I'm not a fan of Anzi - food or cafeteria-like atmosphere. And honestly if I'm going all the way to Stonecrest, I'm going home for lunch. What I was looking for and what I think the OP was asking was for places for lunch that are actually in Ballantyne. Whenever I venture out I wind up at Panera because I don't know what else is good down here. Did I mention how much I dislike Ballantyne?

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            speaking of Stonecrest - Kabob Grill of Dilworth has opened a second location in Stonecrest,check it out.

        2. The original comment has been removed