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Apr 4, 2008 09:17 AM

ISO: Rhode Island Cuban

Looking for recommendations on Cuban food in Rhode Island, if there is any to be found. For various reasons I would rather not go into, let's please leave Cuban Revolution out of this discussion.
I'm looking for a basic Cuban restaurant that serves the downhome dishes like boliche, palomilla, good moros, good maduros, etc.

I realize this is probably a longshot (time for me to stop shaming my ancestors and learn to cook this stuff myself) but I figured what the heck. Thanks for any help!

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  1. You know, for all of the native Spanish speakers I know in this state, I've NEVER met a Cuban. So finding good Cuban food in a state with very few Cubans would probably be a long shot! ;)

    Your aversion to the Cuban Revolution is most likely much more complex and multi-faceted than mine, but on my one visited there, I was deeply confused about why the place was so full if the food was so bad.

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      BadSneakers, GabachaYucateca: I'd love to hear just a bit more about your aversion towards C.B. I know a bunch of people who like it, never been myself, now I'm curious...

      1. re: madgee

        I can't say for sure why the OP wants to leave Cuban Revolution out (and I can think of several reasons myself) but suffice it to say that their food is lousy, overpriced, and lacks sort of authentic dishes the OP is after.

    2. A coworker told me about a place in North Attleboro.....North Washington St, the main drag. I don't recall the name. She said it was little and authentic.