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Apr 4, 2008 08:52 AM

Celadon on 3rd & Fairfax

So, I've been to Celadon before (about a year and a half ago), but it's been some time. When we went for a friend's birthday, the place was very nice, not packed in a "bad" way, but a good crowd.

Now, I'm thinking about taking some girls there for dinner for a girls-night-out. However, because of all our schedules, we pretty much have to have dinner on a Sunday night.

I'm wondering...has anyone been here fairly recently on a Sunday night? Is it completely empty? Ambience does count, after all!

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  1. Please reply!! I'm desperate lol!! I just need to know if it's an okay restaurant to go to on a Sunday evening!!

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    1. re: lyss820

      I went on a Sunday night and it was neither deserted nor packed. But then I find the need for a crowd to be overrated. I've been to Celadon with a group when it was completely empty and had a fine time.

    2. Never been - so not sure - but it seems like kind of a quiet place. Pizzeria Mozza, Nic's Martini, Cobras and Matadors or even AOC might be more fun without the "too hot to get a reservation" problem. Good luck!

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        Pizzeria Mozza is still very much having the "too hot to get a reservation" problem, last time I checked. The others are good bets though. Also Tasca on 3rd and Crescent Heights is a great spot.

      2. What about terroni? I haven't been yet...but it's on my list.

        1. well, see I don't need it or want it to be too packed...i definitely hate those situations... but I know sometimes restaurants like Celadon (group seatings type of restaurant) can seem kind of eerie when there's no one in there.. i just want it to not feel entirely empty. I've been when it was jam-packed.. that was a Saturday and that was definitely too many people for me. But... we want to have a lively girls' night and we don't want it to be cricket-hearing quiet. Just a nice balance..

          Thanks for all your feedback!