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Apr 4, 2008 08:32 AM

Brunch in Ipswich?

I still long for the days of Chipper's River Cafe and their breakfast bundles... does anyone know if they moved to another location?

Anyway, my real question is that I'm from Cape Ann and my friend is from Amesbury and we're trying to find a middle point to have brunch tomorrow. Wondering if any of the hounds have suggestions on where to go. We're thinking of meeting up in Ipswich.

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  1. I like Stone Soup for breakfast. Other options are Kathy's for breakfast in Rowley. You could always wander up to Essex and go to Farnham's for some awesome clams. Other places, don't know if any are open for brlunch, Ithaki, Zabligones. Also, for old school comfort food there's Lewis' in Essex.

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      Thanks treb. And I'm with you on the clams: Woodman's, for all its 'history' doesn't even come close to Farnham's. My friend is pregnant though (and we're meeting before 11 a.m.), so no seafood this time!

      I'll look into Lewis'; maybe I'll find a new brunch option.