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Apr 4, 2008 08:23 AM

Ten best things to eat in Boston

DISCLAIMER: Thread idea is stolen from New Orleans board!

“What are the 10 best things to eat in Boston and where is the best place to eat them?”

- Sweet butter based Maine lobster, Clio, Mass. Ave, Boston
- Chile Rellenos (with potato & chorizo), Taqueria/Cantina La Mexicana, Union Square, Somerville
- Wok Baked Beef, FuLoon, Malden
- Meatloaf sandwich special, Sam Lagrassa, Downtown Crossing, Boston
- Speed Dog, Speed’s Truck, Newmarket Square, Boston
- Black & Tan Frappe, UBurger, Kenmore Square, Boston
- Margherita pizza, Antico Forno, North End, Boston
- Almond crusted goat cheese salad (warm), Not Your Average Joes, multiple locations
- Cassava root gnocchi with green, spicy lamb ragu, Taranta, North End, Boston
- Oysters on half shell, Neptune Oyster, North End, Boston

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  1. well here are some more:

    -almond croissant, canto 6 (jp)
    -cubano, chez henri (harv sq)
    -roast pork banh mi, pho viet (allston)
    -housemade charcuterie, 10 tables (jp)
    -anything in mole &/or tacos, guacamole, angelas (east bos)
    -yeasted cornbread/sourdough boule (tie), hi-rise (harv sq)
    -chacarero sandwich, chacarero (downtown)
    -fried clams, clam box (ipswich) (disclaimer: i've only had them here...)
    -turkey burger, zon's (jp)

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      1. re: autopi

        adzuki bean cream puffs at japonaise bakery
        citrus flan at la verdad
        Matiz sugar anise Torta cookies at Formaggio
        orange chocolate tea cake at formaggio
        truffle ice cream w/ butterscotch fondant at Gargoyles on the Square
        kulfee(cardamom and pistachio) ice cream at Cristina's
        pumpkin pie and maple walnut ice cream at J.P. Licks
        Sugar Plum Sherry ice cream at Toscanini's
        Bonci Panforte(panpepato) at Whole Foods (seasonal)

        pizza -Giambatta ,and Pesto chicken at Regina's, North End only
        pizza -Sausage, and White bean at StoneHearth Pizza, Belmont
        Wok baked beef ,and Szechuan noodles at Fuloon,Malden
        Tacos- Carne asado, Pescado, and Chiles Rellenos, and Refried Beans at La Verdad
        Udon noodles w/ Cuban chipotle orange sauce ; cool cukes; Rodeo rings at Betty's Wok and Noodle
        Rotisserie Chicken at Pollo las Brasas, union sq.
        chilean sea bass wrapped in banana leaf at Tremont 647
        banana leaf filled w/duck, cashews, sticky rice at Gargoyles
        Tuna Poke at Gargoyle's
        gnocchi at Union Bar and Grill
        yama kake and all sushi at Sushi Island, Wakefield
        rabbit salad with dried cherries and pecans at EVOO
        smoked onion rings at Sonsie
        francese bread at Iggy's
        uttapam at Namaskar
        chicken tikka masala at Tanjore
        steak frites w/ Truffle Vinaigrette at Aquitaine
        Grilled Lamb sausage roll up at Sofra
        Eggplant at Toro
        Eggplant Parm at Gran Gusto

        1704 Washington St, Boston, MA 02118

        Tremont 647
        647 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02118

        Gran Gusto
        90 Sherman St, Cambridge, MA 02140

        La Verdad
        1 Lansdowne St, Boston, MA 02215

        18 Eliot St, Cambridge, MA 02138

        1. re: opinionatedchef

          Oh, lord, I really, really hated the truffle ice cream at Gargoyles!

          1. re: somervilleoldtimer

            You're railing against something in a post from 15 months ago, but since you're doing it, let me rail against Cristina's kulfi/kulfee. I'm generally a fan of their ice cream, but what they call kulfi is nothing like the frozen, caramelized milk affair true kulfi should be. Oddly, they used to make the kulfi for the grocery store associated with the Punjab restaurant in Arlington and they did a better job with that. But what they sell in their store is a nut-cardamom ice cream, not kulfi.

      2. Roast Lamb sandwich with marinated eggplant - Artu

        Duck Choo Chee - Thai Moon

        Miso Moyashi - Sapporo Ramen

        Eggplant with Basil - Taiwan Cafe

        Baked Spring Lamb with stewed okra - Desfina

        Mandarin style Whole Fish - Fuloon

        Curry Mee - Aneka Rasa

        Oxtail stew - Flames II.

        Prune stuffed gnocchi with Foie Gras and Vin Santo glaze - No.9 Park

        Konkani Lobster - Tamarind Bay

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          1. re: nasilemak

            I have to second this one:

            Roast Lamb sandwich with marinated eggplant - Artu

            I remember having it for the first time one day in the summer of 1999 when I worked at the little Starbucks on Charles St, it was great.

          2. the bread pudding at Oleana
            beef with long horn peppers at Taiwan Cafe
            watermelon gazpacho at The Butcher Shop (summer only)
            braised pork belly with bean curd leaf at Fuloon
            combo biryani at The Kebab Factory
            oysters at Neptune
            potato pancakes at Cafe Polonia
            shanghai lo mein at King Fung
            Speeds' Speed Dog
            grilled quail at Xinh Xinh

            1. Ok, I'll play:
              Grilled shrimp at Casablanca
              Peking Ravioli at King Fung
              Scampi pizza at Artu
              Gypsy Pancake at Cafe Polonia
              Hot Fudge Sundae at Abe & Louies
              Steak & Cheese eggrolls at Davios
              Oysters at Neptune
              Chicken Parm at Antico Forno
              Meatloaf at Silvertones
              Shabu at Shabu Zen

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              1. re: Pegmeister

                I second the Steak & Cheese Eggrolls at Davios!

                1. re: Pegmeister

                  If you want real Shabu Shabu, you HAVE to go to Toki. And, their sukiyaki is deliciuos also. All other Shabu places in Boston are just Hot Pot restr. ps - if you're going early, don't miss the $1 kushiyaki (grilled meat & veggie skewers) from 5-7pm!

                2. Not all-time best, but some really good things I've eaten in the past few months (omitting Chacarero, Speed's, and Pho Viet banh mi, since they've been cited already):

                  Marinated chicken tacos (with both salsas, please) at Villa México Café, Beacon Hill
                  Chicken mole poblano at Angela's Cafe, Eastie (though practically everything on the specials board makes me woozy)
                  Prime skirt steak frites for $18 at Kingston Station (to my shock, as the meat-market atmosphere led me to expect awful food), Downtown Crossing
                  Lamb gyros sandwich at Farm Grill & Rotisserie, Newton Highlands
                  Fried clams at Dube's, Salem, MA
                  Prahok katee (pork with fermented fish paste) at Suvarnabhumi Kiri, Allston
                  Shamday (beef curry) at Martsa on Elm, Davis Square
                  Ceviche de pescado at Rincón Limeño, Eastie
                  Sweetbreads, poached egg, bacon and balsamic at Hamersley's Bistro, South End
                  Curried goat at Pepper Pot, Dudley Square
                  Pad ga pow moo krob (three-layer pork) at S&I Thai, Allston
                  Kubideh in pita at Pita Kabob, Downtown Crossing
                  Margherita pizza at Gran Gusto, North Cambridge
                  Fasulye piyaz (it's free!) at Brookline Family Restaurant, Brookline Village
                  Mushroom-stuffed agnolotti at Benatti, Inman Square
                  Okinawan-style braised pork at O ya, Leather District
                  Bacon-topped pretzels from the bar menu at Persephone, Fort Point
                  Sichuan wonton with spicy chili sauce at Sichuan Gourmet, Billerica
                  Pineapple spring rolls with blue cheese ice cream at Banq, South End (sadly, already off the menu)
                  Doro wat at Addis Red Sea, South End
                  A Desi Chinese dish whose name I can't remember (the sauce was mahogany red and really chili-hot) at Namaskar, Davis Square
                  Zurek (Easter soup with kielbasa, horseradish, and chopped egg) at Cafe Polonia, Andrew Square
                  Pear carpaccio at Da Vinci, Park Square
                  Maccheroncelli with Wagyu meatballs at Sorrelina, Copley Square
                  The Loaf sandwich (meatloaf with stewed tomatoes and roasted garlic on foccaccia) at Blunch, South End.

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                  1. re: MC Slim JB

                    The Loaf sandwich sounds really good.

                    I never heard of this place called Blunch.

                    1. re: Infomaniac

                      Cute little counter service place on the corner of E Springfield and Harrison near Boston Medical Center, lots of fresh, house-made breads and pastries, very nice sandwiches, soups, and salads.

                      59 E Springfield St, Boston, MA 02118

                      1. re: MC Slim JB

                        This is the space that used to be Christopher's, isn't it? I loved Christopher's when I worked at BMC (they catered my brunch-y wedding!) but I think they had already gone a bit downhill when I stopped working in that neighborhood, and this sounds like a worthy successor.

                        1. re: Allstonian

                          i love their frittata baked in muffin tins.

                      1. re: MC Slim JB

                        I think the Doro Wot at Asmara in Central Square much better than the Red Sea.

                        1. re: jennkay36

                          I think Asmara is Eritrean where Addis Red Sea is Ethiopian. I wonder if there's a regional/cultural difference in the two doro wats. Haven't been back to Asmara in ages. a useful reminder.


                          1. re: MC Slim JB

                            There is no difference between Eritrean and Ethiopian. Eritrea was part of Ethiopia until they declared their independence in 1993. They share an identical cultural heritage with the Northern part of Ethiopia. In Southern Ethiopia you do have completely different food/culture, but what we associate with Ethiopian is the same as Eritrean.

                            1. re: Kirs

                              Regardless, the doro wat at Habesha in Malden is better than either Asmara or Addis.

                              Habesha Restaurant
                              535 Main St, Malden, MA

                        2. re: MC Slim JB

                          Master Slim,

                          Since that is your list for recent bests, what is your ALL TIME 10 or maybe 20 best?

                          1. re: Torolover

                            That's a really brutal question: so much to choose from. Some of it would be ancient history, too, nothing you could hope to order without a time machine, e.g., the porchetta panino from Caffe Umbra. Others might be special only at a particular moment in time, e.g., a veal chop from Olives when Todd English actually cooked in his original Charlestown location. I wrote a blog essay ("An Encomium for Icarus") about the first time I ate at Icarus when I was a sprout, which I consider a life-changing experience, my first taste of really refined New American cuisine in Boston. I'll ponder that question, but I think I think an all-time best list would be tough. I'd almost rather do another "10 great recent things", which other Hounds would be able to order, rather than pulling out the old scrapbook.