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Cheese: Mail Order to Canada

sinjawns Apr 4, 2008 07:59 AM

Can anyone point me to reputable cheese selllers that will ship to Canada? I am hoping for a Canadian company with a wide international selection.

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  1. im_nomad RE: sinjawns Apr 5, 2008 08:54 AM


    maybe something in there can help?

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      im_nomad RE: im_nomad Apr 5, 2008 09:10 AM

      p.s. try this one too


    2. starlady RE: sinjawns Apr 5, 2008 11:33 AM

      Where are you?
      If you are in BC Les Amis du Fromage will ship within the province


      1. duckdown RE: sinjawns Mar 19, 2010 11:02 AM

        bump. any new developments?

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