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ile flotante, or floating island

does anyone know where i can get this french dessert in manhattan. i had it years ago in southern france and have been keeping an eye out ever since. the urge to find it has gottten stronger lately.

it was essentially a meringue floating in a sea of custard. so rich and delicious.


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  1. I would try some of the old school french restaurants such as la grenouille

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      thanks for the suggestion - i took a look and i think "Les Oeufs à la Neige" is the same dish. but WOW - $28 for a single dessert - that seems fairly absurd!

    2. Mrs. GG's favorite dessert. Other than Le Petite Zinc in Paris I'm also thinking La Grenouille which in fact does have them but calls them "oeufs a la neige" literally snow eggs but same as floating islands.

      1. Bar Boulud has a rose praline version, but I didn't like the rose part so much - a bit overwhelming, I thought. Still trying to think of where else. Maybe Balthazar? I thought I'd had it there, but don't see it on the menu.

        1. Pastis used to serve it, but that was years ago, so I'm not sure if it's still on the menu. But it's worth a call to ask them!

          1. I love Ile Flotante. Finding one, and particularly a good one, isn't that easy. Park Bistro used to have it on the dessert menu, but now that they have become Park Avenue Bistro, they've removed it. :-(

            Checking MenuPages, Le Veau D'Or has it. I've never been there, but from everything I've read about it, it's a total trip back in time.


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                If you look at maye's post above, she suggested La Grenouille, and aahnnt replied that it was too expensive. I would guess the same would hold true of Le Cirque.

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                  For lunch, it's $18 at Grenouille - and I wonder if they might serve it at the bar if one asked nicely? Still a lot of money, and I'd make it at home instead, but better than $28.

              2. It is one of my favorite things to eat, but no one mentioned the caramel drizzled on top, so that you have three flavors and textures going on.......but please no variations, it's the utter simplicity of it that is so charming! I've had it many times in France, and I've made it many times myself. I have never seen it on a menu in the US, maybe it is just too delicate, the meringue collapses, the caramel weeps......but now I will look out for it, perhaps someplace like Balthazar?

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                1. We used to get it when we went out to dinner with my grandpa at Le Boeuf à la Mode, an old school French bistro on the upper west side. I haven't been there in over a year but their menu was consistent for years.

                  1. thanks for all the suggestions - i'll keep my eye out for those places suggested (and maybe try to get someone to take me out to la grenouille ;).

                    since i posted, i did in fact track down a recipe online and made myself a version of the dessert - a simple version with strawberries instead of caramel (the thought of undertaking the task of making caramel, on top of the rest of the recipe, was a bit much!). it impressed my girlfriend and our friends though - still not as good as i remembered, and it occurred to me while looking for recipes that there are many ways to make this dish (poaching the meringues in milk, or baking them, etc).

                    i also did a bit of research into restaurants and found it on a few menus - bistro chat noir (e66th), tournesol (LIC), and serge (madison at 32nd). anyone have any experiences with any of those places? i hope to try at least one soon, and will report back.

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                      If you want more tips on making them and/or making caramel - do post on the home cooking board. ;-)

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                        I have not been there, but Bistro Chat Noir has gotten some favorable mentions on this board.

                      2. Le Perigord had it when I was there last

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                          Had it at Le Cirque over the weekend

                        2. RGR-
                          LA GRENOIULLE 28$
                          LE CIRQUE 15$ NOT THE SAME PRICE(CHECKED WEBSITE)

                          1. Danny Meyer hints that the Modern might be adding it to their dessert menu some time soon in a food diary entry for NY Mag (see the 31st):