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Apr 4, 2008 07:26 AM

Powdrell's. Any recent visits?

Hello -

I may be headed to NM one of these days. Always in search of good 'que. I saw some good reviews on older posts. Wondering if the quality is still up to scratch.

How is their sauce?


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  1. It was still good (but not great) when I was there in January but then I spent 30 years eating Texas BBQ. Together with Josh's in Santa Fe it's the best BBQ I'm aware of in this area.


    1. Quarter's has some of the best BBQ in ABQ. There are 2 locations: 1 near the airport on Yale and the other on the Westside near Cottonwood Mall [Alameda and Ellison]. I would recommend it.

      Rudy's BBQ [1 on San Mateo near I40 and one on Coor Bypass on Westside] is decent.

      I have been to the small Powdrell's on Central near Tramway [or is it Juan Tabo?] and it was good but a bit overly smokey to me. I have not eaten at the big one on 4th Street.


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        I forgot about Robb's Ribbs - yes they are really good. The place is small and doesn't have a lot of ambience, but great ribs.

        Could Mad Max's be the old Smokehouse on Rt 528? It was decent, but not great.

        Yes, there are always sentiments about food whether it is ABQ or anywhere else for that matter. That's what makes the world go round!

      2. When I'm in ABQ, I'll often stop at Powdrell's on 4th Street. It's as good as ever. I'm partial to the hot links and brisket with sides of cole slaw and potato salad. I prefer 4th Street over Central because only because no beer is served at the Central location so as not to offend the congregation of the church across Central who fill the place after services. Note that Mr. Powdrell passed away in 2007. The family continues on and I have not noticed any changes.

        Now, opinions about Que are alway strong so I'll simply say I don't like Quarter's at all. Could be a chain restaurant. Rudy's is only o.k.

        My other ABQ favorite is Robb's Ribbs ( Place has been sold; the name has changed slightly but the food is excellent.

        Finally, Gil Garduno who has a website on New Mexico eating, recently favorably wrote up a place in Rio Rancho called Mad Max's BBQ. Haven't been yet, maybe tomorrow.

        As someone else has said, Josh's on the southside of Santa Fe (imo) is the best of all.

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        1. re: fyfas

          Robbs Ribbs (which for a little while was Roscoes Ribbs) is no more. Powdrell's is not bad, but not that great. I think Quarter's has gone way downhill.