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Apr 4, 2008 06:47 AM

lunch near catholic university (light and healthy), breakfast in silver springs (throw caution to the wind)

My dad is coming up tomorrow and i have a 1:45 soccer match near Catholic University (@ the trinity field..) so i was hoping a hound could recommend a spot for us to get a healthy lunch (otherwise i'd go to florida ave grill) before the game. on Sunday we're going to Silver Springs to wax nostalgic about when i was a little girl and lived there for a short time. My dad used to fly up for weekends and visit me and my sister and i swear i remember us going to somewhere on georgia venue where they had egg cream sodas??? i'm not one hundred percent certain, as i was in 2nd/3rd grade at the time but if anyone could direct me to a place like this or similar i'd appreciate it. Also, if you know of a place with really good breakfast in Silver Springs that would be wonderful. I'm a sucker for quirky breakfast places, diners, cottages... etc... oh, but no price fixed buffets.


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  1. As a CUA student I can tell you there really isn't anything healthy around. Colonel Brooks is pretty much a greasy spoon decent for beer and hamburgers. There is a quiznos and a little deli that will make you a sandwich on Michigan, and there is a very scary Dominos Pizza on John McCormick.

    Are you driving? If so you might be able to go somewhere a little further from Catholic those are walking distance to Catholic.

    1. Parkway Deli, in Silver Spring, would fit the bill for the breakfast in Silver Spring. They also have egg cream sodas. (

      I don't think that's the place you remember from childhood though. That sounds as if it could have been Woodside Deli.

      1. "i remember us going to somewhere on georgia venue where they had egg cream sodas?"

        Depending on how long ago you're talking, it might've been Hofberg's on Eastern Ave. fifty feet off of Georgia.