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Apr 4, 2008 06:38 AM

Clio Tonight - To tasting menu, or not to tasting menu, that is the question

As part of my Boston farewell tour: I've got a reservation for Clio tonight. I've read many good reviews of the tasting menu, but I didn't see it listed on their website. Does anyone know the cost of the tasting (or a range thereof)? Has anyone done a tasting recently and have any reviews? If not, do you think the tasting menu is justified by the cost?

I'm very excited to finally make it to Clio, I've been wanting to go here for years, I just never had the right occassion for it.

Also, any drink recommendations?

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  1. i think if you haven't been and probably won't go again, the tasting menu is a good call. lots of different, interesting preparations, and each time i've done it i haven't left hungry. I think it's around $135 or so pp. you should confirm that one of the courses is going to be the lacquered foie gras - i have dreams about this dish (if you don't do a tasting, someone in your party should get it). for drinks, my wife and i ussually tell them that we want to have about 3-4 glasses of wine each, paired to the courses, but different types of wine if possible. last time we went, they split the glasses for us, so we each had a run of 4 different half glasses of white, and 2 different half glasses of red, and a dessert wine. very nice.