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Apr 4, 2008 06:10 AM

Charlotte Sunday Brunch

Need a fine, elegant brunch restaurant for a special guest - no interest in Pewter Rose, City tavern, etc.

Understand Ballantyne Resort no longer does regular Sunday Brunch

April 13 would be the date - anthing out there?


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  1. Zebra offers breakfast and Table offers brunch.

    1. LuLu on Central Ave or 131 Main. I believe 131 Main is serving brunch at the Rea Rd and East Blvd locations. Not sure about Huntersville.

      1. Cajun Queen does a Sunday brunch. Good food, great place.

        1. The Tega Cay country club has a great Sunday brunch and it's open to everyone.

          1. Upstream has the absolute best Sunday brunch in the entire Charlotte area. Nowhere else even comes as a close second.