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Apr 4, 2008 05:25 AM

cool westchester teens going into nyc


I know that some may say that this should be on the nyc boards( I did post there as well but you may understand my problem) My 16 year old daughter is going into the city to do something that she'll have a blast doing. I don't know of anyplace that they could "HANG OUT" where there are other teens. She's a guy crazed teen who's friends just want to drink and get wasted(she doesn't drink and would be bored if they did- she's concerned that they'll leave her to be ":stupid". )It also now may be rainy so now that complicates the whole thing.I can't suggest something that's a BOMB OUT. I've done that before so now they hesitate to go with my suggestions. Please help- the poor kid thinks that her birthday celebration will stink because of her friends' focus on drinking!

  1. Please post any responses on yeshana's daughter's thread on the Manhattan board: