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Apr 4, 2008 05:19 AM

Has anyone tried Chinese Laundry in Providence?

My husband and I are thinking about going tonight and I am wondering if anyone has gone since the opening night party...

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  1. The Kobe beef was delish (if you want to spend 49.99)! They also have good sushi. We found the place to be really fun for apps and drinks, but it just seemed a little crammed in there for dinner. There are only so many tables, as you know, so you'd really have to make a res early.

    1. Was just there last night for dinner. I'm actually going to write more about it-----but the short answer is----Go directly there and enjoy, as it was fantastic. I'm trying to think of one thing not to like about the place and I can't.

      I was there w/my husband and some friends and it was just one perfect dish after another. There's more to say, but I may not have time to describe it all before you go there---just go. No reservations, so you might have to wait for a table (very few tables also)----but well worth it. The service was just right, even w/the mild up-selling that went on. It was so, so good.

      The kobe nigiri, the o-toro, the fois gras nigiri. Get them all--next time, I'll get more of them because after one bite, I was already bummed that I hadn't ordered more pieces.

      Great, great place, and just what Providence needed.

      1. I checked out the menu and it looks good, but the prices seem very high. $12 for a cocktail?? In Providence???

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          Well, they're definitely getting the $12/cocktail, in Providence. I saw quite a few of them being made and delivered.

          It's not for every night----I don't know when I'll get there again. It's pricy. But Providence doesn't have the inferiority complex it once did, and rightly so. It's a pricy drink, and the wines aren't cheap either, but there are ways to keep the bill under control (something we did not do last night)---like not getting a cocktail, some sake AND some wine, heh. Like getting the kobe nigiri (appetizer) and not the 4 oz. large plate.

          1. re: Moonpie1

            In a word, pretentious. The main dining room only seats 14. The service was slow, and the food was mediocre. I did enjoy the sushi; they do have oh toro, which you'll be hard pressed to find anywhere else locally. I also had the Crab Pad Thai, which really did not resemble a traditional pad thai, but even without that benchmark the dish was just not very good. My dining companions both had problems navigating the menu as well as drinking their cocktails from the 10 foot tall martini glasses.

            Maybe these issues were just indicative of a recent opening and growing pains, but I would think with the collective experience of the other Elkay restaurants in Providence this would be old hat for them. I'm guessing it will end up as a "see and be seen" spot by mere fact that the physical limits of space within the restaurant and lounge lend an unwarranted sense of exclusivity.

            Of course, your mileage may vary.