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Apr 4, 2008 05:16 AM

Fresh baked bread & Burratta at Fratelli, New Rochelle...

Stopped in to see chef Salvatore at Fratelli Ristorante & Enoteca in New Rochelle and to my delight he had just taken fresh baked 'Pane Toscano' out of the oven...then I noticed the daily specials menu offering Grilled Shrimp over Grape Tomato Salad with fresh Mozzarella Burratta...Wow! One of my favorite, decadent creamy cheeses oozing with its ricotta center. This cozy, charming spot in a strip mall has come a long way from its neighborhood roots...Over the past few months I've also enjoyed the Baby Lamb Chops (I could eat a whole platter of them!), the Roast Pork, meltingly tender; and their fine version of Chicken Scarpariello served on the bone...for a small place the wine list is also very well chosen.

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  1. gutreactions, have you tried Spadaro in New Rochelle yet?

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    1. re: dolores

      delores, I know about's nearby Fratelli...I did stop in one afternoon...tiny space and bustling...owners were quite friendly to my request for info...did not dine there yet...I understand they have a sister restaurant in Italy, Spadaro a Montecelio (Roma)...planning to eat at the new spot soon...

      1. re: gutreactions

        Yes, after speaking somewhat in length with Rina, the owner's wife, that's what I was told. Spadaro is their family name. Her husband who is also the chef, is from Rome, and Rina is from Bari.

        Link --->

      2. re: dolores

        delores, i'm eating there tomorrow -- any recommendations?

        1. re: raider

          Me too! I No, I've not eaten there before. We'll have to defer to drfxit for recommendations, if he/she is on.

          1. re: raider

            Raider, although not a "tapas" restaurant, but, you probably should try the Spadaro appetizer sampler. They're offering it as a "promozione" and it consists of approximately six or seven little "piatti".
            Cheese (Pepato and Canestrato cheese), olives (Gaeta, black cured, and Cerignola), prosciutto and soppressata (hot & sweet), string beans with asparagus in olive oil, grilled eggplant, roasted red & yellow peppers, borlotti beans with pancetta picante, eggplant caponata alla romana, and a generous dish of steamed mussels. All of these were excellent -- all included. If you're seated at a four-top it's best -- more surface area to accommodate all those plates.

            1. re: Cheese Boy

              Cheese Boy is right on the money. Couldn't say it any better. Enjoy!
              Fratelli's sounds great. Love buratta. That will be my next stop.

              1. re: drfxit

                drfxit, does Spadaros take credit cards?

                Have you been to DaVinci cafe? That sounds interesting too.