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Apr 4, 2008 05:12 AM

$38 all-you-can-eat sushi at Sushi Taro Saturday 4/6 12:30-8pm

It's that time again! This is from their website:

Come Enjoy Our Cherry Blossom Special

12:30 - 8:00 PM
(Last seating at 7:30)

Saturday, April 5, 2008

$38.00 per person (12 -)

$15.00 6 - 11 years old

$10.00 5 and younger

Includes Tax & Tip / Beverages are sold cash only.

This is my what I wrote about it last year in this thread

The all you can eat sushi at Sushi Taro was a 2 hour wait, but soooooo worth it, even in the cold. They had the whole long sushi bar set up as a buffet with chefs making sushi behind it. At the beginning, there was a dish of small size inside out rolls. You could also ask for the spider rolls they had behind the counter, and they'd give you three. They also had spicy tuna rolls back there. They had a small tray of hand rolls which they replenished frequently, and they were *delicious*. Then there were lots of trays of nigiri, mostly tuna, salmon, yellowtail, eel, cooked shrimp, some mackerel. There was one sushi chef who was doling out scallop nigiri with a hefty dollop of wasabi, and he had a tray of squid as well. I saw people with tamago, but didn't see where they got it.

Then there was the toro and uni station. They told you to only take one piece of toro and uni at a time, but you could go back up there as many times as you wanted. Yes, you read me right. All the toro you can eat. Heaven.

Then there was all the cooked food, which included gyoza, shumai, yakitori, ika salad, some thing which I don't know the name of but was like a fried ball of something with crispy stuff on the outside, tempura, etc. There was udon, and a big platter of fruit and brownies for dessert. Oh, and green tea and water.

Next year, I'm going to get there much earlier, since waiting was a pain in the butt, and the line was just as long when we left as when we got there. It seemed to be a steady state, so I plan on getting there to be one of the first seated.

But, at $35, this was really a fantastic deal.

Beverages other than water and green tea were on a cash basis, btw.

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  1. Would you get there before it opened?

    I'm considering it.

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    1. re: WestIndianArchie

      I am getting there around 11. We got there at 12 last year and had to wait until about 2 before we got inside. We weren't in the first seating (everyone else just gets seated when people leave), and I'm determined to be one of the first groups in the door this time.

      So, basically, I would count on up to a 2 hour wait, and when you get there would just depend on when you wanted to eat (2 hours later). Of course, my only experience with this was last year, so I am not the expert. Additionally, I know it's supposed to rain tomorrow, whereas last year it was just bitter cold, so maybe the rain will keep more people away? Who knows.

    2. This was awesome awesome awesome. It was a nice day too, so the almost 2-hour wait (we got there at 11) wasn't as bad this time. They said there was an 89 seat capacity, which we just made, as the one guy waiting in line ahead of me was saving it for his 11 other friends (grr).

      There was everything I mentioned from last year and more. You could ask them behind the counter for spider rolls, rainbow rolls, hand rolls... the trays of nigiri had what I said last year plus raw shrimp, bonito, sometimes some spanish mackerel. I didn't see any squid this year but possibly I missed it. There was more cooked food than I remembered from last year, but honestly I don't know what everything was, so I can't say. Definitely some tofu though.

      They brought out a gorgeous sashimi creation (don't want to call it a platter) right in front of us, filled with toro and I don't recall what other fish because I just went right for the toro. It had a whole fish on it forming the centerpiece, it was totally amazing.

      Anyway, once again this was a fabulous event. I took some cell phone pics, I will try to post when I get a chance.