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Apr 4, 2008 04:52 AM

New Thai place on Upper West Side?

I think it was in the 90's? It got very good reviews and I can't remember the name of it. Does anyone know and has anyone been there? Thanks.

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  1. Are you thinking about Thai Market at 107th and Amsterdam? I have been there once and definitely enjoyed it.

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    1. re: selizara

      yes - that was the one! Thanks.

    2. As selizara posted, there's Thai Market further uptown which has gotten generally good reviews here. In the 90s, there's Charm Thai which, I think, has gotten decidedly mixed reviews on these boards.

      1. Sookk, a restaurant influenced by the Yaowarat neighborhood in Bangkok recently opened on Broadway betw 102/103. We haven't eaten there yet, but we picked up a take out menu. Diners on their way out certainly looked happy and content. Would welcome feedback from folks who have been!

        Love Thai Market, too!