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Apr 4, 2008 04:37 AM

Please help find small private room.

I need a room to seat 20-30 people for a sit-down dinner on a monthly basis. It also needs to have a TV and DVD/VHS player in it for video presentations.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. THat's tough for a restaurant. You may need to look into hotels, as they have AV equipment handy.

    1. I have not been to Olana, but there seems to be a lot of positive feedback lately. I happen to be looking at the website today and noticed that they have a private room with setup for presentations. Obviously I have no idea of how many people it can hold or cost...

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        Wow. Olana looks really nice. Maybe more than what we're looking for.
        Great recommendation, though.

      2. Maybe try Jane. They have a nice private room.

        1. Congee Village is a 'nicer' chinese restaurant that has many nice private rooms in all different sizes. Many of them come with 1 or 2 TV's and DVD player (not sure about VHS). It doesn't have a fee for reservation, just a minimum $ amount ordered for a dinner.

          1. Try some of the clubs, like the National Arts Club on Gramercy Park South. I know they rent out. They've got rooms the right size and all the equipment (I think I remember a TV monitor) and an in house food service that's pretty good. And it's a fun, funky sort of place.