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Apr 4, 2008 04:15 AM

Looking for a country pub....

With the nice weekend weather on the way, I'd love to drive out of the city and find a nice country pub....perhaps with brunch and a beer garden.

I've tried looking on-line, but have not been able to find anything.

Any suggestions/recommendations??


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  1. Try Glen Williams. The pub is, well, a pub. No outdoor area though. You can trek a bit further as well to The Forks of the Credit, with lots of interesting (though touristy) spots. It'll be much better now though then when the weather gets better.

    1. where are you hoping to drive? if you're thinking west, there's a couple decent places in Guelph. my old favourite was the Woolwich Arms, at the corner of Yarmouth and Woolwich downtown.

      Woolwich Arms
      176 Woolwich St, Guelph, ON N1H, CA

      1. The "Woolie" is Guelph is nice (great hand pumped ales) but isn't really a 'country' pub. Another one, a bit further afield, is the Mono Cliffs Inn in Mono Centre, Ontario (the Bruce Trail literally goes in front of the pub), which has great food (not sure about brunch) and a neat pub in the Cellar. I'm sure they have a web site. There may be a pub in the Hockley Valley somewhere.

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          I second the Mono Cliffs Inn, it's terrific.

        2. You could try Mono Cliffs Inn. Go for a walk in the nearby Provincial Park before partaking in a pint.

          The pub is in the basement. The dining room is upstairs and they do have outdoor seating. I am not sure whether the patio would be open yet.

          1. I heard the Mono one was good as well, gonna check it out soon.
            As well, last summer when i was through Bellfountain i saw a nice looking pub with a great patio in Erin which is close by on it's main drag - in a big mansion similar to the wooley in Guelph... Otherwise there's some decent spots in Elora if you're willing to go that far.