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Apr 4, 2008 04:07 AM

After the show in Nashvegas

Visiting friend has tickets to an event and wants a late bite afterward. I'm never out late, so I'm asking you -- what places still serve at 11 or so? I think they're up for any cuisine.

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  1. Two that I'm sure of are Sunset Grill -- they still seem to cater to the music industry and have a late night menu; it may even still be discounted. PM Cafe on Belmont also serves late, but I think the sushi bar may close at 11pm. There's also Cafe Coco off Elliston and it's open 24 hours; more casual but good food with a funky atmosphere. If I think of any others I'll post them as well.

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      A few more: Mafiaoza's on 12th South if pizza, etc. will work. Rumours on 12th is open until midnight, the East Nashville location until 1am. Boundry also has a late night menu until 12 or 1, South Street probably does too. I know Cabana does as well but depending on what day of the week it is, they may not want to deal with the "scene" there for food....or maybe they will?!

      That's a start, depending on what they're in the mood for and where they'll be.

    2. If the event is on Friday or Saturday evening, then OMBI is an option, serving a late-night menu from 11PM - 2AM...

      1. Thanks, Grundoon. Ombi's late night menu is half price with Steak frites, Mussels, the Foie Gras Burger and others available until 2.