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Apr 4, 2008 03:47 AM

Hip, Like the Beehive, but not the Beehive

We have younger and, apparently, hipper friends coming to visit tonight. Last time they were in the city they went to the Beehive and loved it. They are visiting tonight and want to take us there. As we live in the city my fragile ego is taking a beating.

Where can we go that has a similar scene (high energy, people more beautiful than me, etc.) as well as really good food that's not the Beehive? Your suggestions, as always, are appreciated.

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  1. I haven't eaten the food at City Bar but it's pretty happening. The bar at KO Prime is good. Gaslight or Toro? Of course, no place else will have music if that matters.

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    1. re: Joanie

      Toro is a good suggestion if you're more focused on food than a bar seen. Otherwise I'm thinking 28 degrees?

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      1. Went to 28 Degrees, thanks for the help.

        Enjoyed it very much. I like the 'small plates' thing, encourages a socialization about the food itself. Favorite was 'Herb Marinated Strip Steak Duck Fat Fingerling Potatoes, Baby Spinach, Red Wine Glaze'. All of the dishes were tasty.

        Just what we were looking for. Hip decor/layout, great service, lots of youngsters except for, notably, a large pack of well-groomed cougars hanging at the bar.


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          I'm glad to hear 28 degrees worked out. Too funny about cougars on the prowl

        2. Persephone on Summer St.
          District Lounge in the Leather District
          Clink in the Liberty Hotel
          Excelsior on Boylston