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Apr 4, 2008 03:32 AM

A tip if you like(d) T.J. Cinnamons

Instead of asking another question, I thought I would give back to the forum this time. :)

If you are a fan of T.J. Cinnamons as I am, you should try out Cinnamon Delight in the Baldwin Hills/Crenshaw Plaza Mall.

The place caught my eye when I was in there because they had up the old advertising from T.J. Cinammons (people's faces with incredible overreactions to the cinnamon rolls in front of their faces in the photos). I recognized them instantly because I used to make fun of them when I lived back in the Mid-West in the late 80's early 90's.

I inquired if they used to be a T.J. Cinnamons (another company that said F YOU to L.A. and left us in the Mid-90's because we are just so "healthy" here) and the lady said yes. I told her how much I loved their cinnamon rolls and she told me that they haven't changed *anything* but the name.

Sure enough, I had one of the cinnamon rolls and to paraphrase Celine Dion (well, Jim Steinman) "It all came back to me (now..well, when I had it)."

I am NOT a fan of Cinnabon (waaaay too much of a cream cheese taste, even when there's no icing on it). I like my rolls SWEET and just like T.J. used to do for me, this place will put on as much icing as you want.

It's bad enough T.J. Cinnamons closed all of their restaurants here, they also stopped selling the pre-made rolls at places like Ralph's a few years after they left.

Here's your chance to get a "quasi" one again. :) And the mall is not as scary as you may think (there's even a Wal*Mart there that used to be a Macy's!). It is located in the food court on the first floor (around the corner from Charley's...a great little Philly Cheesesteak place based out of Columbus, OH, that I was also shocked to see in CA!!!)

Cinnamon Delight
Crenshaw Plaza
Baldwin Hills, CA

P.S. If T.J. Cinnamons was right, no one will care about this post. :P

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  1. Thanks for the tip. I am from the midwest and remember TJ Cinnamons fondly. Baldwin Hills is a drive for me but I'll put it on the ever-growing to-do list.

    According to the Arby's site, there is one TJ Cinnamon near the LA area -- down in Brea, CA (2525 E IMPERIAL HWY). I havn't been there either. I wonder which one is more like the TJ Cinnamon we remember.

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    1. re: CantRememberLogin

      It may be called TJ Cinnamon's at Arby's, but it is nothing like what I remember getting from the mall at TJ's as a kid. It was small and there was nowhere near enough of that amazing warm gooey cinnamon. Do not drive to Brea to try it.

      1. re: Velvet Elvis

        Is it an Arby's location and they just sell boxed versions of the Cinnamon Rolls there? Or do they actually make them there?

        I think I'll steer clear and stay with Cinnamon Delight. Thanks for the warning!

        1. re: atrac

          It is a Arby's where they claim their cinnamon rolls and coffee are from TJ's. I couldn't tell any difference between those and the ones they serve at all other Arby's that have breakfast. My suspicion is that this location bought the rights to use the name but are selling their own product.