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Apr 3, 2008 10:37 PM

Top Chef Movie Challenge-- what would you have chosen?

Your picks? I admit-- the first thing that popped into my head was Pulp Fiction and the 'Royale with Cheese"...

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  1. I would have chosen Babe. Mmmm Pork.

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    1. re: oolah

      That just reminded me of a movie I do know... Chicken Run. Can do a riff on chicken pot pie. Also if you want a pork dish you can also do Charlotte's Web.

    2. Ryan mentioned Dumb and Dumber -- i was laughing thinking they could have made a Soup du Jour -- apparently Top Secret is inspirational... so why not?

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      1. re: Snaps

        I laughed out loud when Dumb and Dumber was mentioned. It would have been awesome if they made "Kick His Ass" Sea Bass (extra spicy - and then tie that into how the bad guy has a heart attack from eatting the hot pepper) and served it with some "beer".

      2. "Blazing Saddles" - Baked beans

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        1. re: KenWritez

          Man I wouldn't want to be in the judges room for that one! "Padma!"

          As for me, my honest to goodness fav film is King Kong. Big beefy "dinosaur ribs"? Something distinctly "New York"??

          1. My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

            I think Supersize Me would have been a fun opportunity to just made utterly greasy fast food.

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            1. re: craigcep

              MBFGW: With a drink that looks like Windex? ;-)

              1. re: craigcep

                Yeah, I would have liked to see a burger, especially with Daniel Boulud as one of the judges. My vote goes for Harold and Kumar goes to White Castle. They could have done an upscale slider served with potato crisps sandwiched with chives (showcased in Thomas Keller's French Laundry cookbook) and topped off with an alcoholic Baileys/kalhua type milkshake served in a makeshift bong made from the alcohol bottle. I think it would have scored points with Tom, Padma and Ted. They all look like they've done their fair share when they were younger.

                1. re: Miss Needle

                  Didn't they do a slider at the neighborhood challenge?

                  1. re: Phaedrus

                    Yeah, but it was a regular slider. They could have really showed their creativity with this one. Daniel's burger has got braised beef short ribs, truffles and foie gras (though I know foie is banned in Chicago). I would have loved to see what some of these people (particularly Richard) could have come up with.

                    And, Lizard, I agree about Padma -- she always speaks so sloooowly.

                    1. re: Miss Needle

                      One of Richard's signature dishes is a slider with a fois gras milk shake.

                      1. re: beteez

                        A foie gras milkshake sounds really interesting! If I'm ever in Atlanta, I know where I'm eating.

                  2. re: Miss Needle

                    I think Padma looks like she's done her fair share just before the show-- she is beautiful, but lit.

                2. For some reason I was thinking of the movie Psycho, one of my faves. It probably would have been way too subtle and probably only Roeper would have gotten it. I would have started with an "Arbogast-rique" after PI Arbogast who was murdered on the stairs. Then in recognition of the scene where Bates and Crane are sitting in his parlor amidst all the stuffed birds, I might have gone with some kind of stuffed quail or duck dish. I guess this is why I'm not on the show!

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                  1. re: jackbauer

                    I actually think doing stuffed birds screams psycho. The bird theme throughout psycho is pretty strong.

                    Not really connected, but another movie I thought of is American Psycho, because there is hyper-stylized imagery of food that contributes to the unique and creepy feel of the movie.