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Apr 3, 2008 09:53 PM

Brunch Rec

My family is planning on going out to brunch this Sunday and I desperately want an alternative to the usual Glenmore Inn or Smugglers that we always go to. Nothing exotic please, they're very unadventurous eaters (see above)—I don't know where I came from. Preferably around the northern SW area. Thanks.

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  1. How about the Pannekoek Haus at Crowchild and 54 Ave SW. Dutch style pancakes both sweet and savoury but you better get there early. It is very popular.

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    1. re: sarah galvin

      I second this recommendation. It may seem adventurous at first, but they are not. Absolutely wonderful!

    2. Dairy Lane is Southern NW (just north of Memorial on 19th Street) and decent. CFM is a good option. Belmont Diner in Marda Loop. Im +1 on Pffantastic Pannenkoek Haus.

      Nellies is in Marda Loop too, but im -1 on them. Your unadventerous eaters might like it there though.

      A lot of these are just breakfast places with some brunch like options though. If you're looking for *brunch*... omelette stations, breakfast and lunch items buffet etc... i don't have many suggestions for you. Calgary Zoo does a brunch, and most hotels do. I've had the one at the Palliser, and it's ok, but expensive. Hopefully someone else can step up with better suggestions if that's what you are looking for.

      1. Fave brunch places in our household: Cora's: (where I'm from "Chez Cora Dejeuner")4600 130th Av SE delicious and something for everyone...omlettes, pancakes, waffles, crepes, fruit... If I remember correctly they have a private room. Worth the drive imho and we live in the NW (could almost be considered South Balzac)
        Diner Deluxe: seems to be a board fave (although fyi their site says parties of 7+ are charged a 15% grat and 8+ will be seated separately) EDIT: DD is in Bridgeland on Edmonton Tr... dunno if you want to drive that far...but the website is kinda fun anyway (lineups start pretty early.)
        Nellie's (although hit or miss food quality) lineups by nine-ish and difficult to seat large groups
        Thomsons at the Hyatt (bound to be a zoo this weekend because of Juno festivities) ordinarily I'd recommend it, always good food and service, and comp parking underground ...but I can imagine they'll be packed this weekend (and in advance for Mother's Day too DH found that out the hard way hehe).

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          I second the Hyatt if you can stand the crowds this weekend -- it has a paired down buffet which includes all the important stuff: eggs benny and gooey cinnamon buns! (the cinnamon buns are from Cinnzeo, saw them making a delivery ;o))

          We do brunch then spend the afternoon at the museum.

        2. Heritage Park is still doing their brunch at the Wainwright Hotel until the end of April.

          1. How about Eat Eat in Inglewood? decent brunch with non-adventurous choices. Then you can browse the shops, I think Sunday's going to have decent weather for a change.

            Also Priddis Greens does a very nice buffet.