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Apr 3, 2008 09:41 PM

Authentic Taiwanese Food in Toronto?

I am looking for a place that serves Taiwanese food, perferrably not those coffee shops who specializes in bubble tea and selling food on the side. I am looking for a place that serves "Three Cups Chicken 三杯雞" to be specific. Any suggestions fellow chowhounders?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. There's a beef noodle place in Midland/Finch that serves Taiwanese-style beef noodles, sort of an adaptation of Shanghai/Fujian food from what little I know/suspect (or so I've heard). Been there once, not too bad although I didn't think it was spectacular. I don't know if they serve 三杯雞 though, it seems more like a noodle place. I believe it's called Sun Tung Shing... according to the various sites I've searched.

    1. I think I saw some TW restaurants at Metro, the plaza next door to the IBM campus on Steeles and Victoria Park. I haven't tried any of them though.

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        There is this little place/unit inside Metro that has pretty good Taiwanese food, (granted I haven't been to Taiwan before, but regardless), I really enjoy the food there. It's in between Asian Legend and the bun store. Check it out, although I'm not sure if they have 三杯雞 or not.

      2. Wei's Taiwanese Foods,, cooks up a lot of taiwanese street style snacks. They do carry 3 cup chicken, but they were cheap on the thai basil. Try their "oil rice" and stir-fried rice noodle if you're there~

        There's another new taiwanese place called "Deli Viet" (yonge/sheppard). I haven't tried it myself but i have seen the menu myself, looking pretty authentic, i'm sure you'll find your 3 cup chicken and other taiwanese food. good luck with the search

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          Thanks for the input. I ended up going to Deli Viet and ordered 3 cups chicken, oyster pancake and eggplant pot. The portions were great. However, there was too much flour in the pancake and the oysters were not fresh and the chicken was way too watery for my liking. I'll pass on the desserts as well as I wasn't impressed by the Red Bean Ice Crush. The red beans weren't even cooked through at all and it was very chewy.

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            I would not recommend Deli Viet/Taiwan Yes. The first time I went, the food was ok: both the eggplant and sticky rice were alright though a bit salty, oyster pancake was cooked unevenly and the herbal clams was too medicinal (probably a personal preference). Can't really go wrong with popcorn chicken and Taiwanese sausage though. I thought the portions were small/food was more expensive than what we we were getting, and the service was inconsistent/slow, but overall I chalked it up to the place being a fairly new establishment (it was more focused on viet food previously and decided to keep the sign on the outside even though all the focus is on Taiwanese food and menus have been changed to say Taiwan Yes).

            We decided to try it out a second time (I've been hearing rave reviews from parents of Taiwanese friends), but I have to say that this most recent experience was much worse than the first mediocre one. We initially ordered bowls of rice to accompany the following:

            1. Chef special deep fried pork - came oozing with oil and in a super small portion. The pork was super fatty too.

            2. Taiwanese sausage - this was fine, again, can't really go wrong because they just slice it up and arrange it on a plate with sliced garlic

            3. Stir-fried spinach with garlic - this was fine, I mean how can you really screw up cooking a simple green? The issue was that there wasn't much selection in terms of veggies, and it cost us $10 to get this on table.

            4. Clams with basil and ginger - a semi-spicy dish, the sauce wasn't bad. The clams that were open were not overcooked, BUT, half of them didn't open (mostly buried under the open ones). So I would think that if the chef was cooking up this dish, he'd notice that his customers can't eat half of it. So we complained, and what the waiter told us was that he'd take it back to see they can cook it some more. Hmmm...really suspect if you ask me!

            While they were doing whatever they were doing to the clams in the back, we decided to wait and order another dish:

            5. Thai style sweet and sour chicken - we decided to move away from the authentic Taiwanese dishes for a safer dish that might yield larger portions. This dish was ok but the chicken and sauce was fatty and oily.

            So finally...they brought the clam dish back with a few new sprigs of green onion on top and the opened clams. We could see though, that it didn't look like they opened on their own (if they open on their own, the hinges are still intact, but these ones were broken)! PLUS, upon trying one clam, we found the food was cold, so did they really try to cook it up for us again? Not impressed. No apologies, no offers to give us a discount, no checking up to see if we were satisfied or happy customers.

            I'd really like to know what other people's take on this restaurant is. I don't know what three cups chicken is, but if I'd seen this thread prior to my going, maybe I should have ordered it to try it out.

            And, I don't really mind paying a little more when there's good food to be had, and in fact, if the food was good, and portions are a little smaller, I would have kept on ordering knowing that I could try out new things and eventually become full. But we ended up leaving underwhelmed and still hungry.

            I don't know what the hype is all about and it will take a lot to convince me to ever go back again!

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              Ooh.. I would've said no to Deli Viet as well. They can't even do Vietnamese spring rolls correctly. I am usually wary of places that try to offer every asian cuisine from chinese to indo to viet under one roof.

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                I passed by last week and it looks like it's now closed. I really liked their mushroom casserole :(

          2. FancyCup @Times Square (Leslie / Hwy 7) has pretty decent "Three Cups Chicken".

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              For those of you who, like me, are wondering what "Three Cups Chicken" is, here's an explanation:

              Sounds good! So who does have the best Taiwanese food in the GTA?

            2. I'm looking for the best 紅燒牛肉麵 (red roasted beef noodle) in the city. My old favourite was from a stall at First Markham Place's foodcourt which has sadly closed down. :(


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                oops I forgot to name the place that closed down, it was Oriental Delight (東方小廚).

                looks like I'll hit up Mei Nung (美濃) again at FMP. I still want to know about any other suggestions. I will try Wei's and report back.