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Apr 3, 2008 08:22 PM

Curry powder

Can anyone recommend a good curry powder? Would you recommend purchasing it in bulk?

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  1. I never buy anything in bulk unless it's in bulk straight from a farm as I find bulk products are usually of low quality. Bulk is always less expensive and I don't think that is solely due to the lack of packaging. Also, bulk foods are more subject to contamination as they sit there in the store for everyone to pick at.

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      That is hogwash. You are paying for packaging. I suppose your theory about contamination is a possiblity, but I have never experienced a drop in quality in bulk spices. Do you think Indian restaurants buy little glass bottles of "curry powder"?

      House of Spice in Kensington has a great selection of the spices that make up westernized curry powder. Buying them seperately allows you to control all the elements and make something that suits your taste.

    2. Are you looking for a westernized take on curry powder or something more authentic? McCormicks et al have curry powder which I find is 99% tumeric. If you have access to an Indian grocery store, there's Bolst for your basic curry. Kissan (Canadian!), MDH, National have different flavours depending on what type of curry you're making.

      1. I really like the Spice Trader's Curry Powder and their Royal Curry Powder. Both are organic, too.

        1. Make different curries for different dishes. Buying the individual spices insures greater use and turnover, hence fresher flavor.

          1. I'm chiming in with two different concurrences. If you can, make your own, as Passadumkeg advises. Failing that, buy Bolst's. You'll be quite shocked by the complexity when you unzip the lid. NOTE: unless you like your curries infernally hot, in excess of an Avagadro of Scoville Units, buy the mild variety. When my great aunt from Zimbabwe was teaching me to make curry when I was a young lad, she made me vow that if I were to use a commercial curry, that it would be Bolst's, or she would beat me. (God, I miss her.) I think that it was House of Spice where I bought my last tin of Bolst's.