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Apr 3, 2008 07:51 PM

Dinner for a bachelor party

I'm sort of embarrassed to ask...Here goes....I have a group of guys coming to NOLA to celebrate a friend's engagement at Jazzfest. Most have just turned 40 and are not afraid to spend a little. Does anyone have a suggestion for a nice dinner that may also be interesting and in the spirit of the event? Much appreciated...

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  1. During Jazzfest complicates matters considerably. Are you going to be out at the fest all day, then attempt dinner? And it may be tough to get reservations this late.

    Galatoire's is always very festive, and it's right next door to all of Bourbon St.'s finest offerings. :) Or you could head uptown and go to Clancy's for dinner (also pretty boisterous) and then to Dos Jefes cigar bar for after dinner cigars and music.

    1. Emeril's would fit the bill. It has a festive atmosphere with good food and service staff that can handle a large group.