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Apr 3, 2008 07:47 PM

dinner after Berkeley Rep

We're going to Berkeley Rep tomorrow night and I'm looking for dinner suggestions nearby. Probably will be out around 9.45 ish since it's a shortish theater piece
Last time we tried a wine bar on the corner closeby - cant remember the name. it was good if a little crowded and crazy. I love good Indian so if there is anywhere good within walking distance would love to know.
To calibrate I don't think there is any really good Indian in SF - Amber in Mountain View was pretty good a few years. Indian Oven is ok, Havent had a chance to try other places in the valley in last 2-3 years

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  1. Just a warning, a lot of Berkeley closes at 9 p.m., you might need check times.

    Here's a semi-recent thing about near the Berkeley Rep:

    I think the Indian food on the Penn. is going to be better. Time wise, you might check out Cesar, about 6 long blocks away. They're open late but can be crowded, small plates...on the expensive side.

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      1. You live in Sonoma? If you're heading home, T-Rex and Daimo (Chinese) are on the way. Those are two of my favorite after-10 places. Fonda Solana's also open.

        Most places around the theater are closed by then.

        Downtown (might be the wine bar you went to) is open till 11 Friday and Saturday.

        You might be able to get a late reservation upstairs at Chez Panisse, they seat till 10:45 and the kitchen stays open as long as necessary.

        Tuk Tuk Thai is open till midnight or 1, but it's hit-and-miss at best.

        Taiwan is open till midnight. Search the archive for recommendations on what's good there.

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          thanks yes it was downtown - sounds like it might have changed since we were there which was in either dec or jan
          they had a pretty good bar menu then,

            1. re: sonomajom

              Last time I was at Downtown the bar menu was no longer offered.