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Apr 3, 2008 07:31 PM

Casual and Fun Dinner in Las Vegas

A group of college friends are meeting up in Las Vegas at the end of April, and looking for a few places for dinner. Due to travel schedules, Friday night we want to do dinner at a place on the Strip that is more on the casual side but has a great atmosphere and great food. Any suggestions?
Also, looking to possibly going to Spago one night, but some of the reviews on here are not great. A few friends went to Spago in Hawaii, and said that it was one of the best meals they ever had. Any other suggestions (minus steakhouses) for other places?

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  1. I always enjoy Mon Ami Gabi. Its a bistro, is that casual enough?? If its warm enough (probably will be by the end of April), sit outside and watch the world go by..and the Bellagio Fountains. What could be a better atmosphere than that?

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      1. We had a terrible meal at Spago in LV a couple years ago. One of the worst we've ever paid for. My experience in general at Puck's restaurants has been unfavorable(including the LA original).

        We're also fans of MAG and usually have one meal there every trip. Consistently good, well priced for the strip, and can't beat the patio in good weather.

        1. You didn't mention how big your group is, but Cafe BaBaReeba works well for larger ones. It's conducive to sharing, with several nooks that will give you some privacy without putting you in a separate room.

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            I read that the excellent happy hour at Cafe Ba Ba Reeba has been extended to include all day on Saturday and Sundays. During happy hour at the bar a selection of tapas are offered at $3 each and Sangria is 1/2 price.

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                Sushi Roku in the Caesar's Palace Forum Shoppes. Cool vibe, good sushi and Japanese, awesome view of the strip out of big windows lining one wall of the restaurant. Feels very Vegas-y and fun. We're eating there our first night in Vegas next weekend.

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                  I think CBB might be good for you, then. I'd call and see if you can reserve a table. It's fun and lively, and if you don't like a dish, you haven't made a big investment and you can palm it off on your friends!

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                    I agree with the recommendation of Mon Ami Gabi. We were there for lunch for 2 on Tuesday and dinner for 7 (the place we had wanted was already booked) that night. We sat outside for lunch (but no reservations, if it is busy you need to wait at their inside or outside bar) and just inside at night. The food was very good both times. Lunch seemed expensive at $40 for a salad we split and two fabulous mushroom soups and two glasses of wine each but I did not pay for lunch the other days so maybe it was reasonable. I say that because we all felt that our dinner for 7 which came to just under $400 with 2 bottles of wine, 2 shared appetizers, main courses for all, and 2 shared desserts (and two mixed drinks) was a very good deal. We were all together at a round table and could see the Bellagio fountains well. Everyone in the restaurant was having a good time and service was great. The steak that 3 at our table ordered did not look that great to me but I had sauteed skate with butter-caper sauce that was great and my husband had some of the best roast chicken I have ever had anywhere. Apparently their profiteroles are beloved and were good but we had some bread pudding that also up there with the best I have ever had. Both meals were good value, good food, and fun. I am glad I read these boards and did not miss this one and can say it works as well for 7 as for two.

                    1. re: tvmovielover

                      I'm fond of MAG, too. But it as the "college friends" part of the original request that led me to recommend CBB. Of course, for all I know, it might be the 30th reunion of college friends.

              2. We graduated in 2002, so no, not a 30 year reunion.