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Apr 3, 2008 06:41 PM

Advice on the aspects of smoking food...

OK, sometimes I want to give my meat a smokey flavor, but I have a question about weather or not the smoke taste will adhere to certain foods. For example, I know a piece of cured fish has a tacky surface that will get all the smoke flavors to adhere to it when you smoke it. But lets say you want to smoke some uncured confited duck legs or some already roasted chicken legs. If I were to smoke them, would I get enough smoke to adhere to them? I want to smoke something that's already been cooked over a stove using a make-shift smoker. Will it work? Will smoke adhere to just about anything or do I need to take other steps to make sure that it does?

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  1. I used to work at a little seafood smoking company and my experience was that if the surface of the product was tacky to the touch, but not covered in oil or sauce etc., then a stove top smoking pan might work if the chips started smoking and then you removed the pan from the heat so as not to over cook the meat.

    1. I've had no problem smoking cooked foods in both my indoor (wok/aluminum foil) and outdoor smokers as well as in my Weber, and they've all come out fine, given enough time and wood. Heck, even my hair, glasses, and face get smoked! The biggest annoyance outside is the weather (cold, windy weather increases the time), while indoors it's the escaping smoke that's annoying.