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Apr 3, 2008 06:10 PM

Tres Leches Cake or Tiramisu

Since trying Tres Leches cake in Baltimore two years ago, I've been desperately trying to find it again. Can someone recommend a restaurant or a panaderia where I can savor this again? On a side note, Haagen-Dazs used to offer Tres Leches as one of their ice cream flavors, does anyone know if they still exist?

Additionally, if no palatable Tres Leches cake can be found, where might I find an exquisite Tiramisu? (not cloyingly sweet and made with ladyfingers pls!)

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  1. I'd recommend making the Tres Leches cake yourself...nothing I've had in restaurants can compare to the quality of homemade.

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      Ditto the previous recommendation. Rick Bayless has an unusual, but very good, recipe. For a more class version, try Susanna Trilling, who also has a tasty chocolate version.

    2. Taqueria El Ranconsito & Grocery, 5415 Pacific Ave, Tacoma, WA 98408 Has great pastel de tres leches. I live in Bremerton and drive to this place once a year to get a birthday cake for my wife. I know of two Mexican restaurants and one grocery store in Kitsap County who order their cakes from this place. They will decorate while you wait.

      I've also heard they make really good tacos here. But I haven't tried them personally.

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        Which Kitsap Co. restaurants and grocery store?

      2. I could swear I saw Tres Leches cake on the menu at Senor Moose.

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          Yes, It's on the menu at Senor Moose and quite good. They have a chocolate version, too. btw they recently got their liquor license and they pour a small but potent margarita.

        2. I've bought it, by the slice, from several Mexican or ethnic groceries. Check in the cooler section for clear plastic clam shell boxes. One or more local bakeries must be distributing it. I did not like one I got at an Arlington restaurant; it seemed to be just ordinary cake topped with whipped cream.

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            Best tiramisu is at Via Tribunali. Flown in from Italy, but does not taste like it has been frozen. very light. order two, because some how they seem to evaporate off your plate. :)

          2. I believe that this has been covered here:
            You don't specify the city, so I'm assuming Portland :^) Anyway the previous posting covered tres leches in Portland, Seattle, and a few others.

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              Thank you all so much! I live right by McChord Air Force Base in southern Tacoma. I didn't notice the mention of a Seattle spot in the earlier post and was planning on taking a drive down to Portland to visit Salvador's (yes, I am THAT desperate!)

              I am flying out the door now to the place on Pacific Ave~