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Apr 3, 2008 05:48 PM

capital grille, chestnut hill for a (gulp) vegetarian...

so I have to please the grandparents this weekend for my nana's birthday, and as usual, she chose the capital grille as the place for her celebration dinner. I personally have never liked this place, as I find it the atmosphere too loud, the service too snotty, the clientele either geriatric, botoxed, and unadventurous, portions too large, food lackluster... shall I continue? On top of those complaints, I have not been since going vegetarian (two years), and the menu looks pretty slim for non-carnivores. Has anyone had a similar experience (here or another steakhouse?) and how did you deal? Should I just work with the sides and make sure nothing i order contains meat broth/chicken stock/etc.? So not looking forward to this, but I figured it is better to air my worries now than put a damper on the meal.

Thanks for the help!

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  1. Why don't you call them, ask for the GM, and let them know when you're coming and ask if they can accommodate you with an entree that will fit your requirements. You may be surprised how nice they are.

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      I agree that calling ahead is a good idea. It gives them advance notice, so even if the restaurant is busy they are prepared for it. There are so many variations on what people eat, whether it be allergies or preferences, that they are no doubt used to it. The salads, mushrooms, spinach, and other veggies should be good.

      You won't be the first or last vegetarian to dine there. Please let us know how they respond and how it turns out!

    2. As a fellow vegetarian, I understand the difficulty in working up any enthusiasm for this type of outing. I actually used to enjoy what I could cobble together at Morton's, but haven't been for years. I've never been to Capital Grill. A salad, a couple of sides (maybe creamed spinach, which can be delicious when done right, and some truffle fries), and then dessert. I have found the desserts at steak houses to be very good. It won't be the best meal you've ever had, but eat enough to quite the stomach rumbles, and enjoy nana's delight as she digs in.

      1. Two words: Drink up!

        Two more: Creamed Spinach

        :) I do not envy your plight.

        1. As a veg, I've been dragged to my fair share of steakhouses (though not CG in particular - have been to Grille 23 which I think is similar). I've generally found that they have a decent salad and sides I can work with, or that the chef will put something together for me. I've actually had decent experiences doing both. I would definitely say save room for dessert - that way you can't go wrong.

          1. first of all, it's for your grandmother's birthday, not yours, so think of it as doing something nice for her. your dietary limitations shouldn't be drawing attention away from her big night.

            that being said, call ahead, ask for a manager and explain your plight. if given the opportunity in advance, i have no doubt the chef would prefer to accommodate you. it also will prevent any awkwardness when ordering. when in the thick of service, it's not easy for a steak-house chef to whip up something nice on the fly.