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Apr 3, 2008 05:07 PM

San Antonio

May 23 we will be celebrating my mother- in -law's 90 th birthday. Six adults will come from Tampa .Three will be from Corpus Christi.We are staying at the Mariott Rivercenter. Suggestions for dinner on the Riverwalk or nearby???? I have been to Boudro's . The group of 9 is too large to sit together outside, We have also enjoyed Biga's before. A river dinner cruise has a very limited menu unless you privately charter one. Then the price is about 1,000.00 dollars.What about the new Landry's at the top of the Tower of the Americas??? Any other suggestions???

Want to do it right

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  1. I have nothing good about the Tower even after they changed it to the new Charthouse Landry brand. There is a new Italian place in the Fairmont that is owned by Piatti in the Quarry which is good.Bohannons would be a great steak place just off the riverwalk.

    1. If you're into Italian, give Paesano's a try. It's been a couple years since I've been to San Antonio, but it's one of the places I ABSOLUTELY MUST stop each time I'm there (and they have a location right on the Riverwalk). I've liked everything I've had there, but the dish that impressed me the most was their calamari. It's served in huge, tender strips instead of rings, and the marinara it comes with has an awesomely unique flavor (there's a subtle kick to it as well).

      1. I suggest you hop on the trolley and go south on Alamo to Azuca (superb Latin food) or to LeFrite, a Belgian bistro owned by Damien Vatel. The mussels at LeFrite are wonderful and served with "real" French Fries sprinkled with sea salt. The seafood stew at Azuca is served in a basin-size container and filled with good stuff from the ocean. I don't know about the Italian restaurant in the Fairmont....used to be a restaruant called "Sage" but I heard it closed.... There's a new chef at Las Canarias in the Mansion del Rio who is supposed to be very good and the hotel is certainly something to see. If you decide on steak at Bohannon's, try the Akaushi beef at $95 per. Supposed to be the best beef in the universe...I did one at home ($55) and I must agree with the rating!

        With a little advance notice, Chef Rene Fernandez at Azuca might make you one of his spectacular desserts/birthday cake.

        Have a wonderful 90th birthday party wherever you decide to dine!

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          Can attest to the Bohanon's suggestion. Just tried their Akaushi ribeye a couple days ago. My whole group of 7 gave their Akaushi steaks a big thumbs up. But, don't feel compelled to spring for the Akaushi (unless you have deep pockets), as my friend who ordered one of their "regular" cuts for less than 1/2, was more than happy and satisfied. But, those who sprung for the Akaushi had no regrets.