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Vegetarian Restaurants


My partner and I are going to be visiting Los Angeles in May and we are looking for suggestions of Vegetarian restaurants to eat at. We are both true vegetarian's so please no seafood suggestions.
We are going to be staying just north of West Sunset Blvd between N. Fairfax Ave. and N. La Brea Ave. We would like to know of any good restaurants in the area as well as places to eat around the city. We'll probably be frequenting West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Venice Beach and Silverlake/Echo Park area. If there is anything else outstanding outside of these places please also include these recommendations. We love Indian, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Comfort/Dinner food, Chinese and Thai. We are traveling inexpensively so on the cheaper end of things would be great, please nothing over $20 a person.

Thank you tons!


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  1. Silver lake has at least two, one on Sunset near Sunset Junction (south side of the street) and the other on a street just off of Sunset, by where the Sat. AM Farmer's Market is in Silver Lake. Sorry I can't think of the names, but I walk past them all the time.

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    1. re: So Ho La

      I believe you are referring to Cru, which is mostly raw food with a few cooked vegan items, and Flore, which is not bad for breakfast or lunch but nothing fancy.
      I would recommend Elf in Echo Park on Sunset Blvd., kind of homey/hippie food but very cute and good atmosphere (both vegan and vegetarian);
      Pure Luck on Heliotrope in east Hollywood (near Silver Lake) for vegan dishes with great beers, if you like that; and
      M Cafe de Chaya which has a few seafood items but mostly great vegan salads, sandwiches, sushi, etc.
      For middle eastern, Carousel in east Hollywood has some excellent vegetarian items.
      A lot of people seem to like Bulan Thai on Melrose near La Brea, which is all vegan.

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        i just ate at Bulan Thai today and it was great. Don't be fooled by the Vegan restaurant on Sunset between La Brea and Fairfax, on the south side of the street. it is not good.
        The Farmers Market on Third/Fairfax has Vegetarian options. Singapore's Banana Leaf can do a lot of dishes Vegan as well if you ask them to leave out the egg in the noodle/rice dishes.

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          Second Singapore's Banana Leaf!

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          after pure luck, more importantly you should stop by scoops for vegan ice cream or even more importantly than that one of then non-vegan items such as the horchata, chocolate wasabi, mascarpone dill, foie gras, or coconut ice cream amongst many others.

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            I've been to Cru a few times...ususally don't order off the raw half of them menu but their food it pretty tastey. Nice to have a whole menu of vegetarian options. Good curry. However, not being vegan, I recommend that you pass on the vegan chocolate cake and head down the street for some kick ass gelato.

            Pazzo Gelateria
            3827 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

            1521 Griffith Park Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

        3. Also right down Fairfax is Little Ethiopia where you can find vegetarian at pretty much any of the Ethiopian restaurants.
          Try Rahel Ethiopian Vegetarian Cuisine, 1047 S Fairfax Ave Los Angeles CA. I ate there a couple of weeks ago on recommendation of several 'Hounds and it was fantastic.

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            Second Rahel. It is really the only trustworthy and true vegetarian Ethiopian in the city. She cooks with olive oil and other vegetable oils, not butter! Try her vegan cheesecake.

            If you could travel to the San Fernando Valley, please visit Follow Your Heart Cafe in the back of the Follow Your Heart market in Canoga Park.

            it is one of the only remaining 70's hippie vegetarian markets and cafes in the are, and has that good old granola vibe that's hard to find. the food is great, too!

            Follow Your Heart is owned by the people who invented the nayonnaise!

            A little north of Canoga Park, in Chatsworth, is Woodlands Pure vegetarian Indian food. Go for Dosa madness on Friday night. A fabulous veg Indian buffet PLUS al the amazing dosas you can cram in!

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              Why do you say that it is the "only trustworthy and true vegetarian in the city"? Vegetarians generally eat butter and eggs (ovo-lacto). Vegans do not.

              Do you have reason to believe that the other Ethiopian restaurant are including animal products in their food?

              Rahel may be the only vegan choice but it is not the only vegetarian choice.

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                Oh, you can get good vegetarian in all Ethiopian places, but with Rahel, since there is no meat in the place, you are totally ensured that no meat cross contaminated your food, or bits accidentally snuck in. It happens. A kitchen that cooks meat and vegetarian dishes can not promise no cross contamination, and many will tell you that themselves. Some even post it on the menu. Not all vegetarians east eggs and butter, and still aren't vegans. Not knowing the extent of the OPS vegetarianism, I played it safe.

                I have had wonderful "vegetarian" meals at Messob and Meals by Genet, but I wouldn't swear that meat or animal fats did not get in there.

                Plus, to me, Rahel is the best tasting on Fairfax, period. So I'm gonna recommend it. But I know in there, NO animal products get into her food, period.

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                  Just a note that it's actually Rahel VEGAN Cuisine. Not only is it 100% vegetarian but also 100% vegan. She does not use meat substitutes with whey solids in them.

          2. for vegetarian persian, go to shamshiri grill on westwood blvd north of santa monica blvd.
            they have an extensive portion of their menu devoted to just vegetarian dishes.

            personally i like their vegetarian gormeh sabzi, their dolmas (which are stuffed with a lentil mixture rather than oily rice), their adas polo (a specialty rice made with currants, dates, lentils--they'll make it for you using brown rice if you want), and their falafal.

            they offer great lunch specials during weekday lunchtimes.

            1. Toi on Sunset (so famous, have spent many nights here after the club/bar closes) offers a variety of Vegetarian plates. The pumpkin and tofu dish with black rice is so yummy and they are open until 4am, so it's open to your schedule.

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              1. re: BasilKitty

                Which do you like in Artesia for best Indian Veg???

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                      Jay Bharat is favored by Indian vegetarians, though not necessarily meaning that you as maybe a non-Indian or a non-vegetarian or non-either-Indian-or-vegetarian would prefer it.

                1. For Vegetarian Indian- Paru's on Sunset in Hollywood. It is not the best Southern Indian you find in the LA area (need to drive far for it i.e. Artesia), but by default I end up eating there when I get a craving. There is something about the atmosphere (yes a bit hippy dippy!), it's got an "oasis" feel in that area of Hollywood, you have to ring a door bell to get let in.

                  1. There are a few vegetarian restaurants in Los Angeles. You are right near Real Food Daily. There are lots of Indian restaurants, go down to Artesia and go to Jay Bharat. They are a pure vegetarian restaurant that serves mostly Gujarati food but has some surprising fusion items also like Italian samosas. Artesia is not far. You can also get a vegetarian plate at India Sweets and Spices. And the Hari Krishna temple on Watseka has Govinda's restaurant, also on Sundays they provide a free and very tasty feast at 6 PM, you can go early and catch services if its not against your beliefs or anything, you don't have to be a believer and the services are casual and just interesting to see. Someone has already mentioned Toi's on Sunset which are open till 4 am and have Thai food. You should order a margherita pizza from Berri's on 3rd and/or their vegetable pizza, they are affordable open till 4 am and have good food not a vegetarian restaurant though. Where are you coming from? Are you coming just on a holiday?

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                      We are coming on holiday for seven days from Toronto, ON (Canada). Thanks everyone for all the recommendations so far, they all sound great! Keep them coming if you can...

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                        Is this related to the Toi on Wilshire on Santa Monica? The food I've had from there has been really pretty awful. Hopefully the Sunset location is better.

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                          I don't recommend Follow Your Heart. The menu comes hippies' ideas of fvegetarianism from thirty years ago. Heavy, cheesy, thrown together from a munchie attack. A munchie attack petrified into a menu that
                          is not interesting or particularly healthy.
                          For a great vegetarian meal, and completely raw, try Leaf Cuisine. I like the seaweed salad, the green drink Got Greens and kelp chips with guamole.

                          1. re: JillPickle

                            I disagree. there are cheesy things on the menu, but good clean food, too. I was just there last weekend.

                            The falafel/hummus plate was great, as was the pepper soup (GREAT soups) fresh salads, good specials. the sandwiches and "burgers" are yummy! I love the steamed veggie plate or the stir fry. My husband likes the tacos and burritos and breakfasts. Good salads, too!
                            Plus, no corkage! They provide wine glasses, though, for your bottle. The patio is very nice.

                            And yes, the menu is very healthy.

                            I can't eat raw food cause it uses lots of nut to make fake cheese and stuff. I am allergic to nuts. Leaf is also a tad expensive. But for a raw chain, I guess it meets a need.

                            1. re: JillPickle

                              i disagree with your assessments of both Follow Your Heart and of Leaf.
                              i thoroughly enjoy the flavorful food served at FYH and find the raw cuisine served at Leaf to be bland, hard, cold, fibrous, AND indigestible.

                            2. re: mollyomormon

                              It is related, maybe I will not try them then . . . I have been wanting to try them for years cause they are open until 4AM but I usually do not make it that far and just stop on 3rd Street because Berry's makes great pizza and I know that so why try out Toi's . . . sjmplath, too bad you aren't coming from Vancouver, they have some excellent vegetarian options, including an all night cafe . . . I think it's good idea to follow your heart, heh, even if you don't go to the restaurant . . .

                              1. re: apple7blue

                                as a pescatarian/vegetarian i tried leaf with high hopes.
                                i should have stuck to a salad.
                                the non-salad food tasted terrible and was practically impossible to digest.

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                              If you go to Artesia, I recommend Tirupathi Bhimas, on the second floor of a plaza near the railroad tracks on Pioneer. South Indian thalis and absolutely delicious food. It is vegetarian and not vegan, however.

                            4. Tantawan in Echo Park has great Vegan cuisine. I believe the other two vegetarian the first poster was referring to in Silverlake are Vegan House and Flore. I've been to Flore and wasn't totally "Floored" but it is decent. I have heard great things about Elf - it's hard to find and not marked, so look for it West of the American Apparel store on Sunset.

                              Here is a short thread on Tantawan: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/504142

                              1311 Glendale Blvd (next to a burger king
                              )L.A., CA 90026

                              Vegan House
                              2703 W. Sunset Blvd.
                              LA, CA 90026

                              Flore Vegan Cuisine
                              3818 W Sunset Blvd.
                              LA, CA 90026

                              1. Pretty good suggestions from previous comments already.

                                I'd also throw in my kudos for M Cafe de Chaya on La Brea/Melrose -- they have a few seafood dishes but the vast majority of their menu is vegetarian (and I believe some are even vegan-friendly too). Price wise is probably around $15/person. Across the street from there is a vegetarian Thai place (the name eludes me at the moment) which is pretty good too.

                                There's also Hugo's in West Hollywood, not a strictly vegetarian place but lots of vegetarian-friendly dishes.


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                                  fwiw, in my mind M cafe de chaya is leagues ahead of hugos.
                                  i LOVE M cafe de chaya, whereas i won't spend a penny on gas to get to hugo's.

                                  1. re: AquaW

                                    All the non-seafood dishes at M Cafe are vegan, because it's a macrobiotic restaurant, and macrobiotic cuisine, if you can call it such, does not use dairy or eggs. So there's no cheese or butter at M Cafe, although plenty of oil and "natural" sweeteners in some dishes which are pretty caloric.
                                    The Thai place across the street is Bulan.

                                    1. re: AquaW

                                      Hey Aqua, I recently ate at M Cafe d Chaya & loved it, too. I will overlook the RUDE arrogance of the folks behind the counter because the food was so amazing! I did not get to try the Chocolate & Banana Puff-Pastry confection. Please tell me if you tried it?, & what else do you love on the menu? JET

                                      1. re: AquaW

                                        I recently tried the tempeh "BLT" at M Cafe de Chaya and while I thought it was great, I couldn't help but think it could really use some mustard. Great bread though. Loved that sandwich.

                                        1. re: choctastic

                                          I had the same reaction. I also ordered some other item--something like Madras Wrap which came with some kind of chutney. So I used that on the BLT.

                                      2. I, too, say that M Cafe de Chaya on Melrose is outstanding, and Follow Your Heart is, without a doubt, one of my favorite restaurants--their soups are incredible, and I often make the 45 minute drive out there just to absorb the down-to-earth ambience. (I love the non-dairy reuben sandwich & their non-dairy shakes.) It's reasonable, and has tons of stuff.


                                        On the Westside:
                                        --Native Foods in Westwood is a gem--incredible salads (Azteca is my fav), and veggie/rice bowls (try the Bongo Congo), don't forget the vegan cheesecake!
                                        --Chandni Indian food on Wilshire in Santa Monica has a tasty vegetarian all-you-can-eat lunch. Very cheap, but not much in the way of atmosphere.

                                        On the Eastside:
                                        Lemongrass in Eaglerock, though not all veggie, serves up some great vegetarian dishes, as I remember.
                                        Toi on Sunset does have some good Thai food, and it's worth checking out the scene at night.

                                        (P.S. I can't stand Real Food Daily--overpriced and always disappointing to me.)

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                                        1. re: manny123

                                          if you end up at native foods, i want to plug their ROCKIN MOROCCAN bowl

                                          1. re: westsidegal

                                            I vaguely remembered that there is a second location for Native Foods.

                                            1. re: apple7blue

                                              i know of only two locations: westwood village, near ucla and costa mesa (a much larger, more comfortable space).

                                          2. re: manny123

                                            oops--thought i'd correct myself...i think it's gingergrass vietnamese restaurant in silverlake (www.gingergrass.com), not lemongrass...haven't been there in a while!

                                            and p.s., if you're over in the venice area at night, check out siamese garden (http://siamesegarden.com) for some outstanding thai food. though not all vegetarian, they have tons of veggie options, and the atmosphere is lovely (romantic), with very friendly service. i think it's really worth the drive to check it out. sit inside in one of their private, curtain-covered booths (they also have a nice outdoor patio, if it's a warm evening), then stroll along the venice canals post-dinner, if you want to explore a unique side of LA...

                                          3. for some casual fare, eat well has some great vegetarian options, particularly the buddha bowl... there are two locations, but i prefer the santa monica blvd one.

                                            newsroom cafe is also a good choice for lunch in amongst some shopping, and choose amongst lots of veggie options.

                                            mao's chinese kitchen on melrose or in venice are both vegetarian friendly chinese.

                                            for breakfast, hit the griddle cafe on sunset. in venice, i'd suggest 3 square or the firehouse.

                                            for thai, both jitlada and sanam luang are great options.

                                            if you want to share small plates, you could do lou on vine or cube; both have veggie options.

                                            1. I went to Real Food Daily in Santa Monica recently (http://gourmetpigs.blogspot.com/2008/...


                                              and i thought it was really2 good. It was also pretty cheap. Completely vegan, and organic.
                                              It's not exactly ethnic ... more californian than anything i'd say. They have dishes ranging from tacos to lasagnas to soba noodles ....

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                                                I would not call them cheap--one salad, one pasta, and a slice of coconut cake--$40. And they serve "healthy" portions, not what athletic 6'3" men with healthy metabolisms eat also . . .

                                                If I ate all my meals in this place you describe as cheap, I would have to paint my feet instead of buying shoes . . .

                                                1. re: apple7blue

                                                  I see :P No, I never thought about it from your point of view, since I could not even finish my one salad ....

                                                  1. re: burumun

                                                    You couldn't finish a single salad?? You must be really really really petite . . . I love their specials. I usually order takeout, but if I ordered dine in--I think I might ask for a second helping haha . . . So have you tried other dishes there?

                                                    1. re: apple7blue

                                                      LOL, I couldn't finish a whole salad @ RFD either. Petite I am not... may I borrow your metabolism? ;)


                                                      1. re: AquaW

                                                        Maybe they give less in the takeout? I don't know, it's worth checking out . . . someone order a meal and then immediately ask for takeout canisters and then have someone else order the same meal togo . . . I could see not finishing dessert because the item I got was so richly sweet, so repeating the flavor might be too much for some, but I enjoyed it . . .

                                                        People say I have a fast metabolism, but it's really slowed down from when I was a kid and I ate a large pizza and garlic bread and soda by myself . . . I don't think it's faster than other people of similar size and gender now though

                                                      2. re: apple7blue

                                                        I tried the hemp sandwich last time ... man that was good!! :D (and I actually finished it)
                                                        That and the lasagna is now my fave!


                                                  2. re: burumun

                                                    I went to the WeHo location this past weekend. I don't consider the prices particularly cheap (entrees in the $10-$15 range, pretty average for casual dining cafe) but it was pretty tasty; had the cold sesame noodle salad, which was more than enough and I doggybagged the last third for a mini-meal/big snack later that day.

                                                    I also liked that RFD have monthly & weekly specials, which I presume takes advantage of whatever veggies, fruits and grains that are in-season.


                                                  3. The falafel sandwich and platters at Zankou chicken is excellent and cheap. Obviously, the place is known for their schwarma so this is not a vegetarian restaurant..but great stop if you are just out and about and want a quick bite.

                                                    1. Carousel restaurant, on Brand Blvd. in Glendale, serves Mediterranean food and offers amazing vegetarian options.

                                                      Fatty's, which is on Colorado Blvd. in Eagle Rock, also offers terrific vegetarian food, but I think it's only open for dinner.

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                                                      1. re: talkingwithmymouthfull

                                                        Fatty's has been getting low chowhound ratings, lately. I would avoid it.

                                                        1. re: Diana

                                                          Agreed. Fatty's has strange hours and while the food is pretty good, it's not particularly cheap.

                                                      2. I always say that visitors should stop by the 3rd Street Farmer's Market. No vegetarian-specific stands if I recall correctly, but it'll be a great way to spend an afternoon before or after a trip to Little Ethiopia.

                                                        You'll do very well eating vegetarian at various Persian and Lebanese spots. My favorite thing to do is to take a tasty stew and pour it over crispy tahdig. If you hit up Marouch or Pure 'Uck, then you absolutely have to stop by Scoops to try the ice cream. I tend to love the more wacky flavors, but Scoops offers lots of interesting-yet-down-to-earth combos for both vegan and non-vegan ice cream. (In my freezer at the moment: a pint of blueberry-lemon-durian and a pint of chocolate-bacon).

                                                        1. No one's mentioned Samosa House on Washington in Culver City/Mar Vista/WLA area -- a chowhound favorite as I recall. It's veg Indian, casual. Morphed from a market run by a tiny old "auntie" with samosas hidden under the counter to a hip, blaring-Bollywood youngster cafeteria. (Auntie retired to Canada). I love their food and the sweets are absolutely great too. Try the squash -- I don't know, I think it's a burfi? It's orange and flat and dense (of course) and squash as opposed to carrot (which is also yummy).

                                                          I would not recommend Indian Sweets and Spices to my worst enemies. The kitchen is absolutely revolting. For some reason people seem forgiving of this -- or did until recently -- perhaps because it's "Indian" and, I dunno, therefore expected or something? I just don't know, don't get it. Food is gross too, and when there's this wonderful Indian option right down the road....Also, mentioned above as another Indian (veg) option is the Hare Krishna cafeteria, Govinda's. It's literally around the corner and spotless to boot.

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                                                          1. re: aliris

                                                            if you go to SAMOSA HOUSE be sure to ask if they are serving their fantastic mango/banana/pistachio soup.
                                                            when they have it, it is kept behind the counter (so it can't be seen) and they never seem to put up a sign; this means that you have to ask.

                                                            1. re: westsidegal

                                                              If you're venturing into the realm of Indian food, Tanzore, on La Cienega might not be a bad choice. Not a huge selection of food on the printed menu, but they are accommodating if you ask for something and the food is decent. (I've actually had very ranging experiences at Tanzore...almost as if the same dish was made by someone completely different at times...) It isn't as casual as Samosa House, though.

                                                              1. re: Gupta897

                                                                The original Govinda's was much better, but probably because it was more of a restaurant than a buffet . . .

                                                                Burfi is a sweet, don't know if it's the one you mean, I prefer milk burfi to other kinds usually . . .

                                                                I remember going to that Auntie when I was a kid, she gave me free amar chitra kathas and Parle-G biscuits, though I suspect, like most nice shopkeepers it was to encourage my parents to spend their money there. She had horrible markups though, 5 rupee ack's for $3, so I figure the same goes for the food. I didn't know the same people were running it.

                                                                India Sweets and Spices is pretty cheap also, so maybe that's why they forgive it . . . I don't know why it being Indian would create some expectation of a revolting kitchen, aliris . . . but Govinda's isn't really as Indian as Indian Sweets and Spices, Govinda's has a lot of non-Indian food . . .

                                                          2. Los Angeles has a lot of choices for vegetarians... I know some of these have already been mentioned, but here are some of my favorites:
                                                            Pure Luck has awesome BBQ jackfruit, which a lot of vegetarians say tastes just like pulled pork... I don't actually agree, but it tastes really good nonetheless. They have a bunch of other options, too (it's 100& vegan).
                                                            Scoops, across the street from Pure Luck, has amazing ice cream, both vegan and not vegan.
                                                            M Cafe D Chaya has really awesome sides- the kale with peanut sauce is wonderful.
                                                            Not too far from M Cafe is Sante La Brea which is mostly vegetarian (they have chicken I think). They just got redone by Gordon Ramsey and I haven't been there since that so I don't know how much has changed.
                                                            California Vegan on sunset west of la brea is fast comfort type food- its all vegan with good lunch specials- the curry is especially good
                                                            Astro burger on melrose and gower is a fast food greek/american place. Its not vegetarian but it has alot of vegetarian items (like 1/3 of the menu). Alot of the items are packaged gardenburger products but its kind of a fun place to go if you want that. Its open late too
                                                            vegan express on barham is alot like california vegan as well. (there are about 6 vegan/vegetarian places in LA that have alot of the same items on their menus)
                                                            Kung Pao Bistro which has 2 locations- one in west hollywood and one in studio city is not vegetarian but they have a separate vegetarian section on the menu. Their vegetarian orange chicken is great
                                                            the east side has a few choices-
                                                            greenleaves is vegan thai on hillhurst in los feliz. it always feels less greasy to me than alot of the other vegan thai places
                                                            I know vegan house was already mentioned- I really like their fake beef
                                                            Paru's on sunset is good all vegetarian indian that I think tastes healthier than most
                                                            I only went to Elf once but I was not impressed by it. Not very many options and a little expensive for what it is. The complimentary bean spread we got was better than our meals. It was cash only when I was there- don't know if it still is.
                                                            Vegan Village internet cafe is a little out of the way on Pico and I haven't eaten there yet but it serves vegan soul food and mexican. The place that used to be there Soul Vegetarian was really good and Im pretty sure its the same owners.
                                                            I know a bunch of people have dissed Fatty's here but I really like them. It is a little expensive but I think its worth it.

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                                                            1. re: peachgoat

                                                              ahh, but how do the Vegetarians KNOW jackfruit tastes like pork? ;)

                                                              Seriouly, it is a good palce. Pure luck is fun.

                                                              1. re: Diana

                                                                Just got back from a short trip from Phoenix to L.A. with my vegan boyfriend. We don't have many vegan options here so were hoping to find some good ones while in CA. Thanks, Chowhounders, for giving me some options!

                                                                We eventually picked Pure Luck, partly because we were semi-nearby and partly because of Scoops across the street (mmm, ice cream!). I had the jackfruit "carnitas" taco, he the torta with a side of tortilla soup. We split some sweet potato fries and both had lemonade.

                                                                The lemonade was on the tarter end of the spectrum but very good, in a HUGE glass (with free refills, but I could barely finish the first glass!). The sweet potato fries were really delicious -- not too limp and not too crisp, just the right amount of salt. I probably ate more of those than I should have. Ha.

                                                                The "carnitas" looks pretty pork-like but doesn't have an authentic texture...and ok, doesn't REALLY taste like pork but it's good in and of itself. I really enjoyed my taco, and my boyfriend LOVED his torta (was wishing for another the next day, as a matter of fact). The soup was good too.

                                                                Patty (the owner, I assume?) was really really nice, very friendly and helpful with our questions about the area. All in all we had an excellent experience at Pure Luck and will go again should we be in town.

                                                                As for Scoops...good but not great. I had a scoop of the "brown bread" ice cream (Grapenuts make a good ice cream condiment!) and boyfriend had a scoop of vegan strawberry/poppyseed and a scoop of mocha or something along those lines. I was hoping for some "weirder" flavors but what we had was good, if not rave-worthy.

                                                                1. re: Bax

                                                                  I second your assessment of UCK. Like the vibe though the space is a little bare and worn and the lighting odd. I don't think the jackfruit tastes like carnitas at all but tastes good on its own. I don't like scoops that much but the flavors seem interesting but people said to try scoops when they are freshly made since they have very little fat in em.

                                                                  1. re: Bax

                                                                    I love Pure Luck! Went there for the first time today with two other people and had really good food and swift, sweet, attentive service (and the place was pretty packed). Had the jackfruit carnitas tacos, the grilled tofu tacos, the garbanzo "chicken" salad with excellent mock Caesar dressing, the quinoa salad with pickled red cabbage and the fries with a really powerfully garlicky vegan aioli. Everything was very good. And yeah, the place is v. funky and loaded with hipster doofuses, but who cares? We then walked over to Scoops, which was insanely busy and had the two most bored, indifferent ice cream servers ever. My nephew liked his salted chocolate ice cream cone, though. That little part of Heliotrope is well worth scoping out.

                                                                  2. re: Diana

                                                                    Well Diana, vegetarians aren't born that way!
                                                                    Many vegetarians have eaten pork before deciding to not eat meat.

                                                                    I just tried jackfruit for the first time last weekend at Samosa House. Pure Luck is close to my office, so I think I'll have to give them a try this week. Are there other jackfruit dishes on their menu besides the BBQ?

                                                                    1. re: joyeusete

                                                                      Some vegetarians are essentially born that way, so they would not know it tastes like pork.

                                                                  3. re: peachgoat

                                                                    Agree, Paru's is very good flavorful vegetarian (not some vegetarian menu items, but entirely vegetarian). And actually almost all their dishes are vegan. If you tell them you're vegan, they'll steer you to a delicious vegan meal.

                                                                  4. I could eat a Big Macro from Chaya M Cafe on Melrose and now the new Chaya M cafe in Culver City -- they also have a vegan chocolate cake that I rarely have room for but it is decadent and delicious. the bim bim bop is lite healthy and perfect before the cake

                                                                    1. Mexican food... .try El Chavo .... when ever I ask them to substitute anything to make a dish vegetarian they do it with no problem! I LOVE THIS PLACE... plus the margaritas are amazing!! GOod prices!

                                                                      and next door for tiki style drinks is the TIKI TI
                                                                      a must for any visitor...


                                                                      THis place has a few good Veggie dishes... FRED 62 and they are 24 hours!
                                                                      1850 N Vermont Ave
                                                                      Los Angeles, CA 90027-4215
                                                                      Phone: (323) 667-0062



                                                                      VEGGIE GRILL is one of my favorite Vegetarian Restaurants and the prices are very reasonable. but its just south of LAX



                                                                      1. Moishe's at the Farmers Market has a lot of veg choices. They're pretty unfriendly there but the food is good. I also love the tofu sandwich at FOOD on Pico in West Los Angeles. They have more than a few veg choices & their soups are especially good. Very casual, very friendly, under $20 a person. Highly recommend the vegetables, brown rice & tofu at Nook - much better than average - somewhat on the peppery side, which is nice. If you eat cheese, the mac & cheese is swell, as are their salads & the occasional vegetarian soup. They also have nice sauteed spinach & other sides. Good desserts, too. Open for lunch. Make a reservation for dinner (more expensive than $20/person if you have wine and/or dessert, but not pricey).

                                                                        1. Margarita Cantina is in your general area. It's not vegetarian, but it does have veggie dishes that are reasonably priced. You then exceed your budget on the margaritas. The decor is a hoot.

                                                                          Out of your area: Vinh Loi Tofu Factory in Reseda. Vegan vietnamese, tiny hole-in-the-wall. People drive across LA County to eat here.

                                                                          2 Replies
                                                                          1. re: Kochav

                                                                            if you end up at vinh loi tofu, i would recommend ordering everything on the menu and stuffing yourself silly.
                                                                            their prices are low enough that this is a viable option.

                                                                            1. re: westsidegal

                                                                              i have not been to vin lou tofu in reseda is it really that good? i remember trying the phaux pho