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Apr 3, 2008 05:00 PM

Boca meatless chili?

Has anyone spotted this anywhere in toronto?

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  1. I tried to replenish my stock of Boca Burgers a while back to be told that the line had been discontinued in Canada :(

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    1. Never had it, but if you can't find it, maybe try the stuff from Lick's. Their meatless stuff is pretty great.

      1. Haven't seen Boca in ages.

        In case you're looking for alternatives...

        If it's a quick 'fake meat' chili you're looking for, the President's Choice blue menu vegetarian chili is pretty good and might be worth a try.

        If you're good with just a bean-based chili then I have to say, I actually really like the Stagg vegetarian stuff, also maybe worth a try...

        These are both in cans, not frozen.

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          thanks for the tip, Ill check those out!