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Apr 3, 2008 04:51 PM

quick - i have a rare chance to dine alone - where should i go?

no kids, no husband, no friends, no clients, no colleagues. should be downtown and super good food.

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  1. In your situation, I'd go to WD-50 for a late meal. Just a personal preference. I really like mulling over the food there at my own pace.

    The bar at Babbo could be enjoyable, as well.

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    1. right now or in the future?

      the bar at babbo would be great.

      but to me right now, so would the bar at corner bistro!

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      1. re: harrison

        wow. bar at babbo, bar at corner bistro. two mighty fine destinations.

      2. Like Babbo, and will add counter seating at Casa Mono. When you are alone, you won't care if a place will require to shout to have a conversation. All you need is good food!

        1. Eating alone can be fun! Here's my list of recs:

          1. Sushi Yasuda - sit at the bar
          2. Degustation - get the tasting menu
          3. L'Atelier Joel Robuchon - pricey, but perfect place to eat alone as you sit at the bar
          4. Babbo's - try the pasta tasting menu if you're not afraid of carbs
          5. Pearl Oyster - enjoy a lobster roll and oysters

          Hope this helps!

          1. I've never been there, but if I had the same dillema as you, I would go with Dorctorj's advice and head over to number 1. on their list... "Sushi Yasuda - sit at the bar". The one problem is that it isn't downtown, but I'd still do it given the chance.