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Apr 3, 2008 04:46 PM

banana leaves freezable?

I recently purchased some banana leaves to roast a pork butt in (puerco pibil, google it it is delicious!) and the only way I could find it was in huge bundles at the international market. So I made my pork and now I'm left with about 2 lbs of banana leaves taking over my refrigerator. Does anyone know if I can freeze them? And any suggestions on what else fun to make with them? I've heard tamales are good and there's some Thai dessert I've had with red beans and bananas steamed in them...

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  1. absosmurfly freezeable. Many mkts sell them frozen.

    1. Yes they are freezable. I have friends and family who have banana trees - I cut my own leaves off their trees, clean them and freeze them in large freezer bags.

      I just googled banana leaf recipes and at first glance there are many recipes using the leaves. I use mine for a pork recipe also - but will try some of the fish recipes listed.

      1. you could steam some fish in the leaves asian style....and yes like everyone says they are totally freezable. I've only seen them sold frozen

        1. Yep.. as the other banana leaf users say, very freezable,, but know that canna leaves are also as usable as banana leaves, and very easy to grow. Canna, though, not calla!
          How did your pibil turn out? Where did you find the recipe? I was planning pibil for Sunday and always ready for a new take on a nicely varied standard.

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            I actually got the recipe from the movie "Once Upon A TIme in Mexico". The director, Robert Rodriguez, does a special clip on the dvd where he shows you how to make it. If you look it up on YouTube you'll find it. Type in "puerco pibil ten minute cooking school" - i would definetly make it again!! Let me know if your recipe is different or if this is pretty standard.

            1. re: sugarplumbs

              Oh m'gawd.. that looks lovely (including the lovely young cook!)! That is obviously a Yucatan-style dish with the fragrant spices and the heat. I will try that one VERY soon. I learned Pebil from a Puerto Rican friend and her recipe is much more New World/Iberian than that Yucatan recipe. She does a whole 5lb pork shoulder cross-hatched all over with a sharp knife.. then rubs a paste into every bit and slow bakes it open in the oven at 300 degrees.. turning the roast every hour or so.. for about 4 to 5 hours. The paste:
              . a whole head of garlic, peeled
              . a big onion, sliced
              these she fries in about 2 TB olive oil intil the onions are lightly browned on the edges.. the oil goes into the paste too.
              . a palm-full of fresh Mexican oregano (or about 1 TB dried)
              . about 2 tsp. gr. cumin
              . a half palm-full of sea salt (about 1 1/2 TB)
              . about 1 heaping TB ground black pepper
              . about 2 TB apple vinegar
              Make a paste of this in the food processor or blender.
              I toss some New Mexico Chili powderinto the paste because I like the warmth. This is served with rice and lime wedges and slices of fresh jalapenos, lightly salted, with vinegar..

              1. re: fromagina

                yes, robert rodriguez IS lovely and handsome! his movies are also good (if you're into those kind of movies - sin city, desperado, once upon a time in mexico..). i definetly want to try your recipe next time. the only negative thing i could say about my recipe is that the paste is a little gritty (unless you can really pulverize the powder) and i was short on the garlic. i also added a tiny bit of brown sugar and also subbed some lime juice for the lemon.